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  1. The cost of the books for the entire program will be around $2000 if you choose to buy every book (many are available online for free through the university library). https://pharm.ualberta.ca/-/media/pharm/programs/documents/bsc-in-pharmacy/student-resources/bsctextbooklist20152016final-submitted-1.pdf The other cost that you may want to consider is the placement they put you on in July.
  2. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone else was looking for a roommate/place to live? I applied to res super late and I don't think I am going to get in anywhere lol. Feel free to DM me.
  3. My advice to everyone still waiting... relax! Right now you have to realize that everything is out of your control. Trust me, I know it is tough to do so. I was rejected last year. On another note, have the people who have paid their confirmation fees/submitted their forms been emailed yet to verify if it all came through?
  4. Hello all! I was just offered admission! my stats: cGPA ~ 3.7 pGPA ~ 3.9 My LOI was (in my opinion) very well polished and I think I had a descent interview. Best of luck to all those who are still waiting!
  5. Hey, let her know that she has nothing to be ashamed about. Some people trip but that doesn't mean they have fallen. Tell her to take this experience for what it's worth and build upon it.
  6. The university talks about it over here: https://pharm.ualberta.ca/programs/proposed-doctor-of-pharmacy
  7. Hi manuPharm12345! I'd suggest referring to the Alberta Transfer Guide and the pre-reqs list provided by UofA These are the courses I have taken. Some are interchangeable with other courses. I still would definitely recommend double checking with the courses above. CHEM 1201 (Gen. Chem I) CHEM 1202 (Gen. Chem II) CHEM 2101 (OChem I) CHEM 2102 (OChem II) BIOL 1202 (Cell Biology) BCEM 2102 (Intro Biochem) MATH 1200 (Calc) ENGL 1151 ENGL 1152 MATH 1211 (Stats).
  8. Alright gang. It turns out that my application was not competitive after all 2 years at uni. cGPA: 3.88, pGPA: 3.9, good LOI and a pretty bad interview (I think that was the culprit). C'est la vie! Best of luck to those who are still waiting and all the best to those who were accepted! To future applicants who are reading this and freaking out: don't freak out. Just go for it, try your hardest and prepare really well for the interview. The rest might as well be chance.
  9. I was about to write the exact same thing... using this comprehensive curriculum of the program. It's not over until it is over! Have a great Canada Day everyone!
  10. Congrats Pharm123 and all those who were admitted! For the rest of us... There are 100 seats left! Good luck!
  11. According to what notyourfriend said, there are 111 out of the 131 seats left! There is still a ton of hope! Try to enjoy the sun!
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