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  1. I was wondering where I would stay during 2-week/4-week electives in different cities. I have no family anywhere outside my city. How does this work?
  2. I only use a samsung galaxy. Did that all CEGEP, will do all MD.
  3. In the case of the person I am talking about, she is in what would be considered high school in other province. It was the first time introducing the subject of gene replication. Her project also did have a significant portion on gene replication. However, I am not bashing every single person out there. I know there are quite some talented and passionate people. If anyone else has advice on research, please help! Especially Québec research.
  4. Might be unrelated, but still concerns research. I am a CEGEP student who has 0 experience in research. How do you "do" research? I know you have to contact some professors and such. But what do you do then? I feel like my knowledge as a student, even after finishing first school med school, is not strong enough to actually participate actively in papers and publications. How do you get your name on a publication? I know some people from my year who attend all these "science fairs" and present neat super complicated projects on genetics, but they cannot even explain how DNA replicates with
  5. Sorry sultanator, but what does ROC mean? Good job on all the interviews I know Sherbrooke is harder with electives starting at the beginning.
  6. Oh wow great! A book I read was so confusing! It lead me to believe we only had 7 programs. How much does each application cost? Also, if you apply to 20+ programs, that means that, for a lot of those programs, you did not do your electives there. Does this in any way impact your application? Let's say I want to apply to UofT anest., but I only did electives at McGill and Université de Sherbrooke. Any chance?
  7. Sultanator, why did you have 20 interviews ? For CaRMS, are you not supposed to have only 7 choices of programs, ie 7 interviews max?
  8. Yep, this is what I meant. Switching from McGill to UL=no premed. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. I had a friend in the same situation at Marianopolis last year. He got something like 54%. He went to UdeL and he could skip his premed year
  10. Do we have to do research in the specialty we want? Also, for CaRMS, are the reference letters sent "in confidence" or do you actually know the content of the letters? Can adcoms contact your LOR supervisor?
  11. People, if you have more ideas, please put them here!
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