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  1. They should be the same. The one Rae sent has all the cohorts so refer to beatracks to find which cohort you are in.
  2. Are you enrolled in classes? If you are there is an option in beartracks to export the timetable to google calendar.
  3. I still haven't been registered in classes so I believe the process might be random.
  4. Is the cost of placement outside the tuition cost? I know that all accommodation and travel we pay but is there an additional cost?
  5. I got a reply however I sent the forms and deposit in the first week of June. The $175 should show up on beartacks as either a spring or summer payment.
  6. I know admissions aren't done but when can we expect to be enrolled in classes.
  7. No, you do not. You have to have the form and vaccinations done before Oct. 31.
  8. Correct me if i'm wrong but wouldn't getting the criminal check right now be to early. For the community service, it has to be less than 45 days old which is why they say to start it august 1.
  9. I was also admitted today. I did the interview yesterday lol. Good Luck to those waiting. My Stats: pgpa: 3.74 cgpa: 3.81 Best Year 30 Credit year: 3.94 2nd year, IP
  10. That doesn't seem right to me. Does she go to the uofa? Is she sure she completed the pre-requisites? Maybe she did something on the LOI that they flagged her for.
  11. If you guys don't mind posting, what are GPA's like? Would be pretty helpful for people applying in the future. Pgpa: 3.74-3.77 cgpa: 3.78-3.81
  12. Got it as well. I think it took longer because they changed the website from last year.
  13. Anyone get the email yet? The more it takes, the more nerve racking it becomes.......
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