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  1. Hi everyone, I thought I would start a new thread for this year's applicants. Last year's thread was super helpful. Letter of Intent and Pharmacist Consultation Form have already been posted on Faculty of Pharmacy's website. https://www.ualberta.ca/pharmacy/programs/undergraduate-bsc-in-pharmacy/prospective-student/admission-requirements Good luck to all applicants!
  2. Hi! Happy New Year everyone! I am applying this year too, but I am concerned about my prereq GPA, as it's only 2.7 But my cumulative GPA on the last two years is a 3.8. I unfortunately passed most of my prereq courses with low marks in first year when it would have been smarter to just drop... little did I know at the time. I'm also in the last year of my program, so I can't upgrade anymore than I already have. I also received a D in organic chemistry 261 when I was in my first year, so that is affecting the prereq GPA as well. But I took chem 263 this past fall term and got an A-. Do any
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