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  1. I don't see why not. Definitively keep your mind open about what's considered research, you would be surprised
  2. The American dental schools seem to have a stronger focus on clinical training, since many of them started seeing patients at their school clinic in first-year. The Canadian dental schools focus more on theory initially, but will eventually cover all the necessary components.
  3. Hello AP, to be honest with you, an undergrad majoring in physiology or biochemistry would have fairly limited career options without further education. Besides clinical practice or scientific research, the options are fairly similar to any other Liberal Arts degree.
  4. Hello asthomas44, your GPA may not be the strongest, but you do have a good shot at schools that have affirmative action policies toward aboriginal applicants if you wish to identify as an aboriginal applicant. It would also depend on your province of residence and your MCAT score next year.
  5. Yes, you do have a chance for U of T if that's what you are interested in. Average says nothing about range, and there are definitively outliers in the people they choose. Instead of worrying, focus on your OMSAS application and make sure you do a decent job
  6. For OMSAS applications, it is recommended that you have an academic reference. However, use reasonable judgment because the rules are not set in stone as shown in Cain's example. The quality of the reference letter weighs more than the source of the reference letter.
  7. Firstly, use reasonable judgment with OMSAS. Secondly, you contributed to a specific project to be published, which can potentially be verified by your PI. If the paper has already been accepted and is in-press, then it would definitely be considered a research activity.
  8. Honestly, U of A is not much easier than U of T. If you can get the Alberta IP status, it might help for U of A and U of C in the future. It is hard to say what you want 3-4 years down the road, so choose the place you will be happier at.
  9. It is important to take a step and look at the big picture once in a while. Life is really too short to be unhappy
  10. Recommend 1. check more closely at instructions. 2. contact IT support
  11. Yes, you can set up a trading account through any of the major Canadian Banks and build your portfolio.
  12. Hello there, the focus of the letter shouldn't differ much from reference letters written by other supervisors. The letter should discuss your suitability as a candidate and backed by examples.
  13. Hello blondie, if UWO is what you are going after, I recommend checking the academic requirements as they may change annually. Overall, I think you still have a decent shot if you keep up what you are doing. Good luck!
  14. Hello fretting, I apologize in advance for speaking out. If I were you, I would seriously reconsider this guy as a potential referee. It is questionable how much time he will spend writing your reference letter if he is not even willing to pass along his email. Just my two cents
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