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  1. same used adobe. it adjusted the txt size automatically
  2. Have you found out yet? I am wondering that too
  3. Hello Everyone! So I am entering my 5th year of university @ McGill and my adviser has informed me that the 5th course (elective) that I signed up for during the winter term will not count towards the total credit earned + cGPA calculation. if this is so, then is it possible to take that 5th course through online/ or through a different university (concordia) just to fulfill the full course-load requirement? If anyone else has experiences with this please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Guys! I am desperately looking for the Sept 1st Mcat in London. Please let me know if you are cancelling your seat thanks
  5. Hello everyone! I am hoping some of you can answer if you had a similiar case. so in the fall'15 i took 5 courses at 3 credits each satisfying 3/5 rule. However in this term, winter '16, I have 3 courses at 300+ level, 3 credits each and 1 at 200 level at 6 credits so I will only have 4 courses. Does this not satisfy full courseload requirement? Is it 10 courses per year always? Thank you
  6. Would there be any disadvantage to taking P/F at the limit? thank you for your response.
  7. Hello everyone. I apologize if this questions had been asked before. On the Adcom website, when they say "We will consider individuals completing undergraduate studies which require clinical placements. Please note however, that we cannot consider years which include more than 1 full or equivalent pass/fail course for the GPA requirement. This allows us to evaluate candidates on their GPA more equitably." does this mean that pass/fail can't be taken for regular lecture courses that are not clinical placements? Also, if I attend a university with a 30 credit system (ie. 15credit/term
  8. If i were to cancel the exam for sept /12, (has deadline till aug/12 for cancellation). Would it be counted as one of 3 attempts? thank you
  9. Thank you for your replies! Did you have to apply for the 'request to exceed 120 credits' via minerva and gain approval?
  10. Hello everyone. I am thinking about doing a 5th year at Mcgill. However the adviser told me that all electives taken during that year will not count for credit and towards cGPA. But will schools in Ontario especially queens and western disregard these grades also? only doing a fifth year to satisfy western's 3/5 requirement. Thanks for any help
  11. Hello. I am looking to take the new MCAT in August and I am highly confused regarding which prep books to buy. I am looking to purchase examkracker book set only but would this be insufficient? could anyone please enlighten me on types of resources that are out there? thank you.
  12. For queens 2 yr GPA calculation, the website says minimum of 3 courses must be taken/ semester. would the year in which I took 5 courses in 1 semester and 2 courses in the other count towards the 2 yr calculation? thanks
  13. Hello I am a current Mcgill student in life sci wondering of a possible transfer to Uwo health sci/biomed. If there is anyone who transferred from Mcgill to UWO could you enlighten me of the differences between the 2 universities in terms of workload/difficulty? thanks in advance.
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