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  1. School interviewing at: Queen's specialty: Family Medicine current interview date: March 9th at 4pm EST date would like to switch to: March 24th at any time Other notes: Thanks!
  2. Hey, I've received references from my supervisor and a post-doc in a lab that I worked for several years, which turned out fine for me. My suggestion is to go for the referee who you believe will give you the best reference (e.g., caring enough to take the time in completing the reference and providing examples that really showcase your qualities as opposed to stating how great you are in general). Often, supervisors are quite busy with other commitments and I had an experience of my supervisor submitting the reference few minutes before the deadline, which almost drove me to insanity
  3. Hi, Here are a couple of books that I've used during my MMI preparation. I wouldn't say these books are what got me accepted but they certainly helped me out when I didn't really know where to begin in my early years of MMI practice. (Used, notes made with pencil erased) Multiple Mini Interview Questions Book by MSC Medical at $25: I believe it is about $65 if purchased directly through the website. This book comprises of 37 case scenarios of various types, sample answers and explanations. (Brand New) Medical School Interviews by Olivier Picard and George Lee, ISC Medical, 2nd
  4. Still feeling quite surreal, I guess things will start to sink in when I start registering for courses in July I never called the admissions to ask about my ranking since I know they won't tell me. But I assume asking the impact of updated GPA in the ranking list may be reasonable?? I am not sure. Even if they don't tell you, it seems like asking for the status of waitlist movement seemed to have been answered previously. I feel you all, sometimes you really want to know what is going on but at the same time, ignorance may be bliss....
  5. It would be best to call the admission office to see if your ranking changes. Also, I wanted to let you guys know that the date to confirm my offer was today (I got accepted on June 6th and today was the deadline) so I speculate that there may be more movement tomorrow. Hang in there, guys!
  6. Thanks everyone for all your kind words!! I would really like to see more good news on this thread.
  7. Accepted off the waitlist~ (11:15 AM mountain time) - waited so long to post this here IP graduated GPA: 3.97 MCAT: 512 ECs: nothing exceptional but just long-term commitment in various fields (scientific and clinical research, diverse volunteering on and off-campus, lots of mentoring and TA experience, PM me for details) Interview: a mix of good, bad, and mediocre stations This is my 4th application cycle and 3rd time interviewing at the U of A. To those who did not hear good news this year, all I can say is keep going and persevere. I know, this is not the gr
  8. In the midst of binge watching Harry Potter, I have been accepted off the waitlist. I sincerely wish everyone all the best.
  9. I guess still no news for us again assuming that the admission always send out offers in the morning.. Btw, does anyone know if rejected applicants can find out the actual numerical interviews scores (other than pass or fail) if we ask admissions or do they no longer disclose this information?
  10. Hello, fellow waitlisters What a painful wait we have in front of us for the next few weeks (months..?). I am starting to become insominac...fearing that things won't work out for me again this year. Having been rejected three times already in the past, I am quite exhausted, especially in light of yesterday's rejection from U of C. I know I should keep my hopes up but I keep telling myself that my chances are slim just so coming to terms with a potential rejection can be somewhat easier (at the same time, I can't stop myself from imagining how happy I will be if accepted!). How a
  11. Also in Edmonton. I would be interested in both Skyping and meeting personally at the U of A!
  12. Hi, guys I think there were older threads that discussed this already but I am wondering if anyone's looking for MMI practice partner? If there are MMI groups here at U of A, could you guys please add me in or message me about it? Thanks!
  13. Hi, Is there any space in your group? Please let me know if I could join as well. Regards,
  14. Result: Invite! GPA: 3.93 MCAT: 9 VR EC: some research in science and non-science, volunteering in medical and non-medical related fields, many culture related activities, mentoring, and etc (pretty standard I think). Year: 4th Geography: IP
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