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  1. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I think if I do get offers for both research and a job, I'll go with the job. I can do research later, but getting your first software internship as a third year is very tough.
  2. Unfortunately, it's not with a huge company like Google, but the companies are still pretty great. I'll probably end up working with either Mozilla or Fitbit. The jobs aren't 100% confirmed, but I think I have a good shot and the recruiters seemed interested. The research position will be an NSERC USRA if I can get it, otherwise it'll just be a normal research job with a supervisor at my school. There are a couple other scholarships I applied for but they're all very similar to NSERC. Of course, at this point nothing's been confirmed, but I think I'm competitive for both and I'd like t
  3. Hey guys, I'm a 2nd year looking to apply next cycle to many schools across the country. Definitely the 4 in Ontario (I'm IP), and potentially UBC/Calgary/Alberta. I'm currently figuring out what I'll be doing this summer, and it looks like I'll either get a tech job down in SF for 4 months or get a research scholarship/job at my university. I have no prior research experience and very minimal work experience, and I was wondering which of those two you think would be more beneficial for my application considering my situation. I think I'd be equally excited to pursue either as they're
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