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  1. Hello ambassadors!

    Im currently in the dietetics program here at mcgill and I was wondering if I was eligible to apply during my third year. The dietetics program is a 3.5 years long program with around 115 credits (after cegep), which means if I were to apply in my 3rd year, I wouldnt actually detain my degree for the fall med admissions. 

    Do you absolutely need to obtain a degree if you apply after cegep? Could i be admitted into mcgill med if I still had 15 credits left to my bachelors?


    1. RDtoMD00


      Just to be more precise, normally people applying during their bachelors would be accepted into med with their completed bachelors degree. If I were to apply and be accepted, I would still be missing 15-20 credits and therefore not have a completed bachelors degree (we have a lot of credits because of stages during the summers).

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