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  1. Some of you have read my post before about my interview to volunteer at a hospital. I asked about possible questions, and that really helped. I now have a general question, and that is, of whoever has volunteered at a hospital, what were your experiences like: 1) Is there anything that really stands out to you in terms of a negative/positive experience? 2) What kind of duties do volunteers have? 3) To what extent are volunteers involved with patients/doctors? 4) Conflicts? 5) Teamwork/Collaboration? These are just prompts to get your mental cogs going. Say whatever you like,
  2. Thanks everyone! I'm happy to hear that it won't be too hard. I was just worried it might be like a job interview - and the closest thing I've had to an interview would have to be my interview to volunteer at a library, years ago. Okay not that many years. I'm just worried I won't be able to answer those questions confidently. Anyway, wish me luck! Thank you medhope15 - I deleted my resume from my post. I thought it would be fine because I blanked out my name and any other personal info.
  3. I am a high school student in Ontario and I applied to volunteer at a hospital in Toronto. I went to the information session yesterday, where they basically told us key things about the hospital and explained the rest of the process etc. So basically it works like this: 1) fill out application, get health screening done, get three reference forms filled out. 2) go to information session after receiving an invitation 3) go to the interview, get health screening approved by the hospital 4) training, probationary period of three months 5) volunteer for nine more months! (the commitment
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