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  1. This^ - probably. titanium. alloy. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5333745/ But go to a dentist.
  2. So basically most ODSP/healthy smiles and all OW procedures lol... so if you take those types of patients consider yourself charitable right there... But yeah school programs usually have some outreach; reach out to them as they can always use a set of hands with various programs.
  3. Damn that's quite the change from our 100% (I think) pass rate (minus someone who forgot about the exam that morning LOL)... Schulich a few years back... PS: miss you degenerates
  4. I'm in a smaller city with about 40-50k people. Also, I'm 'only' a GP, not a specialist. Not too well informed on gov'nt jobs/positions; but I can almost say with certainty they would pay peanuts. Locums pay decent I think but those are probably not for new dentists - who would want to be the only or part of a very small team that has to deliver all of the community's dental care needs without any support from specialists which may be 500+ kms away...
  5. Yup. But as mentioned above... depends on what you want to do. I did a year of residency which boosted my speed and skill-set; but I'm sure some of my colleagues can do a MOD faster than I can still, after a year in private practice. I also see like 35-40% ODSP patients (sigh...); 4.5 days/week on average, 8-5pm and I can break that. 5 days a week, <10% ODSP, work to the bone I can see some breaking 300k. The other associate here definitely was... he was 4 years out.
  6. 4 years worth of credit; if you manage to squeeze all your courses into 3 years its still a '4 year degree'
  7. Don't stress about that; I did mine in like late august.... Trust me that the least of their worries right now haha
  8. Federal tax credits for education was taken off the table back in 2017; provincial is separate. Just in case people didn't know; it was annoying that they couldn't wait until i finished my schooling Also keep in mind the marginal tax calculation not using the highest bracket to assume you'll get taxed at the highest bracket. See below for Ontario (add these to federal). The effective tax rate for someone earning around $140k is about 32% before any deductions. 5.05% on the first $44,740 of taxable income, + 9.15% on the next $44,742, + 11.16% on the
  9. A lot of those may be individuals from 1st-2nd year; our initial FB page had the majority of the year above us in it.
  10. I don't think there are any guidelines out yet from the CDC, Health Canada or RCDSO in Ontario; so no way for anyone to have made a concrete plan. Expect more limited clinical usage; +/- more PPE, more screening tools, potentially changes in the way the clinic is physically set up/used etc... I'd expect them to come back; I know some schools will be transferring some of their classes to online curriculum where it can be done and rotating students through sim clinics to kinda spread things out at the moment. Come fall, who knows, things are changing week by week.
  11. There's many things to consider depending on if you're a US citizen or Canadian. So for Canadians it's a lot more straightforward. Get an LOC, use it as you wish. Apply for OSAP, milk them as much as you can for that free money and free loans; then pay is all back after the grace period after graduation - the interest on the LOC is lower than OSAP by a landslide. Try to keep it reasonable. max limit is about 375k, don't get near it if you can help it; don't be a big spender during school. Enjoy your time off, don't go working, not worth it like someone else mentioned. During dental schoo
  12. So I stayed in my hometown Windsor for my undergrad. I'm saying quite the opposite, most people that wanted an 'easy program' wanted to go into a program with more laid back people so they can get high GPAs. I actually chose Windsor over UofT for both the reasons of saving money at home and being less 'competitive'.
  13. Go to the cheapest option that you think you will excel in and enjoy the most. Stay home if you can/want to for your undergrad, save up as much money as you can - but still go out and enjoy the things you want! Keep an eye out for requirements for certain courses depending on which school you want to pursue your dental training at. That would be my advice, instead of going to 'feeder' schools/programs just because it's easier. You've got a 96+, you seem to have the work ethic for any program. I took biochem; people seem to think that it's one of the hardest programs to do well in. It
  14. Here you go boss; I won't name anyone in particular from the council, but try emailing DART they can give you the inside scoop. These aren't just DDS/phDs though but the council has a couple of those guys/gals. https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/dentistry/research/dental_academic_research_trainees_dart/index.html
  15. Not worth my time. I'm more professional than this. But you don't sound ok. If I can get under your skin with 2 sentences, toughen up butter cup! Dental school and patients will eat you up! But all I copied and pasted was something stating what you wanted is currently not being offered... You can expect a phD stipend of course, but not one during the dental school years - sure you can continue with summer research its $5000/summer fyi. Ask me how I know
  16. Language. Profanity won't get you anywhere^ Good luck changing the way the program is set up though!
  17. "DCS students are expected to complete their PhDs within four years. Under extenuating circumstances, and following consultation with the PhD supervisor(s), the Chair of the Admissions Committee and Assistant Director (Research) may agree to extend this period by up to two years. Students in the DCS program will only be admitted to the DDS class if all requirements of the PhD degree (including thesis examination and oral defense) are completed by the end of July of that year. (SGPS allows a defence to be successful only if the minor corrections to the thesis can be made in less than
  18. By the end of the 4 years, I can safely say that some grow to love it even more, some remain enthusiastic, some are neutral and a select few are a bit bitter. It's a wide spectrum of responses you could get to this and like someone above mentioned: it can be selection bias as well. I don't think I'll get bored of practicing dentistry anytime soon - and I tend to burn out my hobbies pretty quickly. If you're passionate about it... you'll feel it every single time you finish up clinic. PS: first year of dental school sucked. Then it got better by second. Third and fourth years were great.
  19. Yes.. *very* interesting Hope the lot of you had a somewhat relaxed and informative day!
  20. ^ to make sure nobody is interviewing on your behalf. It was interesting sitting across from some of the prospective students...
  21. I've got the ExamVision 4.6x; amazing optics compared to the 'school-provided' Univet set. A bit on the heavier side, but decent depth of field, great working distance/mag ratio - and I can comfortably see an entire sextant. Paired them with the Lumadent light with a solid metal mount. -- and yes, I use them for scaling as well!
  22. Hehehe... no comment xD Yes.... sure... that^ XD But idk, in regards to the boards prep: I think we know the major topics quite well - or at least supposed to! *Ahem, KFB... attendance is key. Joking aside, going through released boards questions, most of us should have no problem getting 75-80% of them right without studying specifically for the NDEB
  23. I'll hopefully be sitting on the other side of the table from you guys ^.^ This should be exciting!
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