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  1. Of course they aren't troll...look at their past posts..
  2. More like 20 minutes to go, i'm slowly slowly losing my hope
  3. Haha the sad news is that we are not guaranteed to hear back today, it could be next week (which is more likely to be a rejection, if not WL). But based on your stats (6 interviews already), I'm pretty sure you'll hear back today
  4. Nothing yet...agreed, don't want to wait any more lol!
  5. Agreed. Same thought has come across my mind this morning.
  6. Imagine waiting forever and getting a rejection letter...lol. Why do I feel this will happen to me
  7. Since this Friday is Easter Friday, if you were to get an invite it's probably going to be today, tomorrow, or Thursday...Otherwise it is hard to say, since the med blog said 'In terms of refusal emails, a large number of these were sent out last week. At this point we will now be holding off on sending additional refusal emails until closer to the last interview date on April 18th.' This wait...lol
  8. Since there were invites/regrets sent out yesterday, what do you think of today and tomorrow? Will they be sending letters today?
  9. I think there will be 2 waitlists.. because the quota for each category of applicant is set, it doesn't really make sense to have one WL:( sad news...
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