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  1. I put down a verifier for one of my volunteer experience on my application and I found out today that they are unable to verify it because the data is too old and they kept no record of it. I only volunteered there for 30 hours and I just stupidly assumed that they would keep my record on file. This is clearly my mistake as I should have made sure that every info was accurate. At this point, I consider myself as disqualified for that particular school and I am willing to accept the cost. However, would they contact other schools to let them know that my information was not accurate? I ONLY put
  2. Thank you for the reply. It does not say 'repeat' on my second degree transcript. I was also able to confirm with the schools that repeats in second degree do not matter as long as I'm completing my second degree!
  3. Nope. But I think they have a course equivalency chart or something like that I assume.
  4. I am applying to dental schools in Ontario and I've confirmed that they only look at the GPA from the second degree. I'm concerned because in my first year of my 2nd degree, I repeated 4-5 courses (0.5 credit each) that I took in my first degree because of low grades and because I actually wanted to learn the concepts. Now I'm just about to finish up my second degree (currently in 3rd year) and would those repeated courses disqualify my application? I only repeated courses in my first year of my second degree. If it gets disqualified this year, can I apply next year without any problem
  5. I'd like to get some specific advise/info on their interview process from anyone who has experience. I don't mind paying you in gratitude. I don't have much information and I don't know anyone who is in dental school so I feel very lost. With interview month approaching I am so nervous that I can't even sleep these days.
  6. Could someone please tell me how long the actual interview is for U of T and UWO? Also, is there a time limit for each question?
  7. Wow... To change their policy so abruptly without any notice, they must have no idea what second degree-ers have to go through... 2-3 years of life completely wasted for nothing.
  8. Their office is closed so I have nowhere else to ask this question. Is it due by January 4th 11:59 PM or January 3rd 11:59 PM?
  9. There seems to be several prep materials. Which one did you find most helpful for the actual interview? I don't know which one to get and where to start Thanks in advance!
  10. With the scores released at this point, when should I email the schools to make sure that they received the November 2015 DAT scores?
  11. But what if there is a problem with a prerequisite? Would they tell us that there's a problem or would they just reject the application?
  12. Looking at the past year stats posted on these forums and those posted on the school website, I'm now convinced that this 'cutoff' never exists for U of T. Even if it did, then it would've been specified in the guideline like UWO's RC cutoff.
  13. If I remember correctly, the interviews (for U of T) are being sent out near the end of February 2016. I know that I'm probably going to be really busy with school stuff around that time so I'd like to get started early ideally. However... What if I start preparing really early and spend a lot of time and end up not getting an invite? When do people usually start preparing?
  14. Yea... I second this. I was actually very surprised to find out that not every dentistry student had 4.0 GPAs.
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