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  1. Sounds like you're at Mac. DM me and I can put you in touch with people who parallel planned Neuro/IM and matched to Neuro (with interviews in both).
  2. My PGME sent info on registration, CPSO, and CMPA a month ago. Might be worth it to touch base with your program to make sure the email didn't get lost.
  3. I feel like there are individual factors that cannot be captured in statistics no matter how we analyze the numbers. Home school advantage is hard to quantify. Some schools don't even have certain programs (no derm at Western, or Queen's for example). Individuals who gun hard for specific specialities will likely do so regardless of which medical school they go to. For smaller programs, personality and "fit" is also important and cannot be quantified easily. Match rates will also fluctuate year to year based on class interest - so unless you combine data from every year it's hard to know which
  4. What elective is this? People might be able to give you a better sense of how busy the service is. If you leave really early and outside of rush hour traffic, it's doable. But you're still adding 2.5 - 3 hours of commuting time to your day at best. You'd probably be leaving around the same time for 7 and 8 AM starts so you can avoid traffic. I think it's also in your interest to live in the area just so you can get a feel of what the city is like for residency - for yourself and so you can answer the question during interviews.
  5. Those unfilled Ottawa FM spots are CMG spots, and this year, they will only be available to unmatched CMGs. It's a desirable location so I suspect they will not be unfilled.
  6. Where would you rank higher for residency? Go to that place. Unless you've got a bunch of electives in one location and you've like to explore the other. You'd probably get great education in both places. I've done CTU at both and had great experiences.
  7. According to the CaRMS website, it's similar to what rmorelan said, the results are audited prior to public release: "Match results are audited prior to public release and verified as a stable match outcome by both CaRMS and the National Matching Service. For more information please refer to: https://www.carms.ca/en/residency/match-algorithm/. " https://carms.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004239246-How-does-CaRMS-audit-the-match-results- I suspect (and hope) schools prepare for more than career planning support. They probably also mobilize mental health and emotional we
  8. I'd still hope they double check things. Imagine if they made a mistake and had to change everyone's match results... People make mistakes on codes and Excel all the time.
  9. Would rather wait so they can double and triple check the results rather than have it sooner and for it to be wrong. Can't imagine the couples match being easy to run haha.
  10. I'm not familiar with rad onc but you can take a look at the program descriptions on CaRMS and see what other rotations their residents have to do (med onc, surgical onc, radiology, palliative care etc.) in later years to get an idea of what other electives may be complementary.
  11. Some IM subspecialties are also more difficult to get letters from - med onc being one of them. I agree that IM in desirable locations can be very competitive. It's similar to some FM programs in that sense. I would also make sure you truly enjoy GIM before committing to IM. There's no guarantees about how the CaRMS subspecialty match might go in the upcoming years and you might be miserable doing GIM if you don't match to med onc.
  12. The programs do not have access to your rank list and thus it would not make any difference when you submit. I have been told to at least have something temporarily submitted since every year there are a couple of people who don't match because they didn't submit their ROL on time.
  13. If you've already paid for those programs, you might as well rank them even if you didn't interview. There's no harm and the money is already spent. As mentioned above, the chance of matching to a program you didn't interview at is essentially 0%, but it will absolutely be 0% if you don't rank it.
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