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  1. DELICIOUS Darling - every little interesting conversation is obviously unbelievably special.
  2. DELIBERATELY Don't ever let invincible bullies escape! Really attempt everything - like yodelling.
  3. LUNATIC Let's understand! No-one attacks tigers inappropriately - careful.
  4. GRADUATES Graduates recognized almost daily, unmistakably adverse, terrible events - saddening.
  5. DIRECTIONS Dora, interestingly, really enjoyed canoeing - the impeccable oars, nice scenery.
  6. Step 2 CS plays a similar role in the US to MCCQE-2... and it's been a source of irritation to many US med students too.. Looks like both FSMB and NBME have decided to stop requiring it which is a fairly big deal.. wonder if things will change here with the MCCQE-2? https://www.usmle.org/announcements/ Work to Relaunch USMLE Step 2 CS Discontinued The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and NBME, co-sponsors of the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®), are today announcing the discontinuation of work to relaunch a modified Step 2 Clinical Skills exami
  7. I understand your disappointment and frustration. We're on the same page - the US isn't considered abroad for medicine which usually refers to UK, Australia, Carribbean.. as for sure, you can apply essentially as a CMG for residency positions to CaRMS rather than an IMG. The US could be a great opportunity, and you're right, many Canadians in different industries do leave to go there - still, for med school, it's very costly, and is much more complicated to finance than a Canadian med school needing a co-signor and savings. Moreover, it's much more difficult for non-US citizens to ge
  8. I think people's impression of Calgary and Alberta are also formed by their perception of the culture and politics. Rightly or wrongly, the current provincial leadership doesn't have the same values that many non-Albertans have in areas like climate and the tension between the medical establishment and the provincial government also makes people wary. Plus, I really do think that Calgary and Alberta are in a transitional phase - I don't think in the short-term at least, Calgary's going to continue to grow like it has in the past few decades - nor will the oil and resource sector do as well a
  9. While I understand your frustration with med school admissions, going abroad for med school is an option generally only available to those coming from the most privileged backgrounds. The chances of then working as a physician anywhere are far from guaranteed. Sure, there are success stories of those that match to Canada or the US, but they're really the minority. For the rest, they've spent combinations of bank credit and family wealth to earn a generally very costly degree which may or may not lead to the career that they thought. If you had 4 interviews the last cycle you applied,
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