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  1. Let’s eat together tonight - Uber-eats carries everywhere!
  2. DEFINITELY Don't expect favours! It's not indefinitely tolerated - eventually, lovers, yodel!
  3. SATISFIED Some attempted to investigate suspicious fraud - it's easily dismissed.
  4. DILIGENTLY Digging into legalese, interestingly gained exciting new terminology, learning youthfulness.
  5. SOMETIMES Speaking often meaninglessly, Edith thought injury made everyone scatterbrained.
  6. STUDENTS She thought, understandably, David's enthusiasm needed tempering, straightforwardness.
  7. Yeah - very sad news. I agree that newer cars usually have better safety features, but sometimes in collisions it comes down to something as simple as weight of the vehicle. In the t-bone case, I think only a much heavier vehicle might have done better, like a SUV - but mileage, CO2, .. are less favourable (and roll-over risk). Rust can also really compromise body integrity and so increase risk during a roll-overs. Cars generally roll over less though than SUV, minivans etc.. but still a newer car would likely have improved safety. Sounds like a dangerous turn.
  8. I'm surprised to hear about 90s cars still around in Canada - most that I've seen don't seem to make it through all the winters I bought a ten year-old used Mazda several years ago, but that was pushing it on the age. Despite relatively low mileage, it did rust out pretty quickly - could have been Mazda. Maybe in BC? California had some old cars in good condition, but no salt, etc..
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