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  1. SKYSCRAPER Some knowledgeable yachtsmen sailed cleverly rounding a point - escaping reefing.
  2. NOTE: SATISFYING Schools and teachers inform ??scholastic, fashionable?? youth in necessary government. GOVERNMENT Get over Vera, Edith! Really - no-one makes egg noodles, thoughtlessly.
  3. SATURDAYS Some apple tarts unsettle regular digestion - always yummy, satisfying.
  4. The full course-load really helps - your last two years give you an excellent GPA for both Queen's and Western. If you end up having to commit to something new, just make sure it's something that you'll be happy with no matter what i.e. a research Master's is usually a two-year commitment and often doesn't help that much with med school competitiveness so I wouldn't consider it unless you really like research! Good luck!
  5. Generally, GPA is the biggest component, BUT A lot of schools have specific weighting schemes for GPA - try adding your course load breakdown too. You might have a chance at Western, especially with a MCAT rewrite which could help for McMaster too. You'll need to really excel on CASPer to have a chance at Mac. Usually improving undergraduate GPA is the highest-yielding strategy for increase med school competitiveness. I'm not sure how easy it would be to do well in an accelerated nursing program, but that otherwise sounds like a good idea. I think people get fixated on med as the onl
  6. SWIMMING So ... whoever is making me irrational never grumbles.
  7. TERRIFIC Time everybody really respects imagination! Fantastic idea - congratulations.
  8. SANDWICHES She always needs details. What is covered? How early Sundays?
  9. NICELY Nice impressionistic colours expressed lovely youthfulness
  10. Med school also gets more competitive each year - admission stats from five or even ten years ago are often considerably lower. It's probably multifactorial - partially the competition (more and more applicants), but also generally increasing GPAs. Even people that were accepted ten years ago probably wouldn't be as competitive today. I think that people are also generally more settled in their careers during their thirties and that going to med school (and then residency) can involve significant disruption and sacrifice, not to mention uncertainty, which older people may be less wil
  11. SYMPTOMS sure. yes! maybe? please! tomorrow? Only Mondays.. supposedly.
  12. DREADFUL Did reading easily answer dilemmas? Forget understanding literature.
  13. ULTIMATUMS Unleashed, live terror is moribundly awful. Take understandable measures seriously!
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