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  1. Hi everyone, I applied to plastic surgery in CaRMS and received 3 interviews, and ultimately matched to my top choice location in my back-up specialty (FM). At the time, I thought that I would be okay about being in FM, but now I feel regrets and I am not excited about starting FM residency in few days. Of note, I got into this specialty, although I showed no interest in it ( other than applying to it) and have done no electives in it.... I am not sure what are available options for me at this point. Looking back, I wish I applied to general surgery or IM. What are options avail
  2. I am 3rd year med student and I am interested in particular specialty ( a bit competitive/small) and know few of faculty and have done research in it. I have only done 2 week of electives in it and I am finding it hard to determine suitability / fit? I am interested in subject matter and really enjoy studying about it, and have ref letters/research in it but now questioning if I am suitable and fit for a particular residency in that specialty because of my limited experience in it... I also probably won't be able to do more electives due to COVID restriction ( and I am in a 3 year program
  3. is it based on who u know( faculty wise) that can speak for ur experiences etc.
  4. If I pick anaesthesia as my first choice, is it viable to back up with internal. I will do 3 CTU electives. Is it still possible to back up with internal?
  5. I know they had their break on May, when do first year med students have to go back to school for their second year?
  6. How do u go about discussing it? I would like to ne able to tapk about this topic in a tactful way
  7. How is it usually determined? How do u determine first and second author.
  8. How is the workload different during residency? Post-Residency? Which one is a more competitive field to get into? Which one offer better work life balance?
  9. I will finish med school with huge debt, almost 70k. I had no financial support during my med school and undergrad and I used up all my savings to pay the tuitions for the first two year of med school. I'm wondering how long it takes to pay debt. Currently, I have no dependents and no one to support but myself so once I graduate, I was planning to put most of my savings into paying my debt.I was wondering is that what most people try to do? Do u try to pay ur debt as soon as u can throughout ur residency so it does not accumulate interest?
  10. I'm finding it difficult to stand out in medical school because everyone around me is amazing. In fact, sometimes I question how I got into medical school in the first place. A big portion of my class has Phd's and Msc but I just have an undergrad degree. What makes matters worse is that before med school, I have always been interested in doing surgery and now I am questioning my ability to succeed and my ability to be a competitive applicant when it comes to matching. How do I deal with these feelings? Do I really need to stand out amongst medical student crowd to get into surgery?
  11. I am an incoming medical student and I was wondering how do med students go about finding a research project?
  12. IP received an offer an hour ago as well Deadline is June 4
  13. did you call them? how do you know they won't send anything till 14:00 tomorrow?
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