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  1. I think you should not listen to things like that. Our class was extremely strong as clerks and I think that in general medical schools produce strong clinicians. There is obviously variation between person to person. But to say that our class was not strong clinically because of admission requirements is a pretty large assumption.
  2. Hey that is a great question. So yes you are at certain anchor hospitals. I believe what happened in Fitz applies to the other academies. Basically you will have a variety of small groups and clinical skill sessions at various hospital sites- and you will have access accordingly. All Fitz students will have St Mikes badges and will be able to access the learning spaces in Li Ka Shing, even if youre at St Joes youll just have an additional badge. I believe the same is the case with all PB students having access to their study space in WCH even if youre at Sunnybrook. You tend to get badges for
  3. Hey guys. Just graduated from UofT, so happy to answer all your questions having gone through the entire process. Feel free to message me privately if you want to ask questions. So I was in Fitz and we can talk about that experience (if you want) but in general all the academies are great. I will say that everyone who was in PB my year had an amazing experience. The shuttle is supper accessible and what they all used. You tend to travel with your classmates (so you literally in the same boat). I think the variety of learning environments is awesome! I think PB has a very close knit commu
  4. Hi I got accepted into this program in the last week of April last year. PM if you have any more questions
  5. I thought I bombed my interview. And still got in. Totally hard to gauge it
  6. I could be wrong but I don't think the weighting applies. A lot of my friends and McGill had the same issue with that too
  7. Nope. Plenty of people in my class who have done the same thing
  8. Wait if you didn't take the credit. Didn't you have to do the courses anyways in bio? I did IB HL bio. And McGill credited it as 6 because I was exempted from the first two intro bio courses. If I hadn't taken it then I would have to do both classes. I guess it was a bit easier because McGill credited it as 6 on my transcript. But I think you should be fine. There has to be standardization on these things anyways
  9. I think you're fine. At the end of day it just comes down to a bit of luck. You seem as competitive as anyone in your position. Nothing you can do but wait for the interview decision. Good luck
  10. I credited them at 4, 3 or whatever that showed up on our transcript. Omsas says to put what appears and they will convert the course weight as necessary
  11. Casper dates are set and you should just try to prepare in advance to the date
  12. U of T added a hard deadline this year. They addressed in their admissions update video
  13. I would say then put the actual job of being a writer and your description mention the types of prices you wrote.
  14. Are these entries that you have written yourself and were published OR written about you? In either case I think you take the general activity- so if you write articles then write it as a position, and state you have published (could be employment then); if it is about specific work you have done - then find the activity that corresponds to it and write in the description that you had a magazine feature about it; same with if its an award- find the award and indicate you were put in a magazine for your hard work
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