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  1. Wow really!? I personally think that having dyslexia would be even harder than having ADHD, and that is super inspiring and motivating to hear that your classmates are in medschool despite having dyslexia. I guess there really are no explicit barriers in life when dealing with learning disabilities or mental illness. Thank you for sharing
  2. Thank you for being honest with me. Med school is a lot of reading and memorization in the first place, but reading and writing files is also a big part of being a physician. One thing you said stood out to me, and it was about burnout. When you have ADHD, a lot of the times you are either dealing with no focus or hyper focus... and you can really overwork yourself if you've had an unproductive day and then hit a window of time where you are super productive and hyper focusing. For me particularly I hyper focus and get a lot of work done late and night, but the consequence of that is that I do
  3. Thank you very much, i'll try to do that. I think pre med students often forget that applying to med school does not happen until much later haha.
  4. Thank you! My only worry is being looked down upon for taking extra time, but I guess if I choose not to tell the med schools I am applying to I won't have a problem. That is still tough however because my ADHD is a big part of me, but like you said I have 3 years to think about that. Thank you for the advice, will dedicate this year to finding the most efficient way to study with my particular struggles, and hopefully eliminate the need for extra time all together.
  5. So i've posted about ADHD on this forum a few times now, but now that i've graduated high school and will be starting my pre med journey, I have some questions. And before you ask, yes I have considered other careers outside of medicine, yes I have been diagnosed with ADHD by a physician, and yes I am on medication. OK NOW THAT, THAT IS CLEARED UP. I did receive test taking accommodations in high school. I believe they called it an 'informal IEP' as I did not undergo a psychoeducational assessment. I was diagnosed with ADHD-PI November 2015, and discussed accommodations with my physici
  6. Thats great haha, however I don't know what two full courses in life sciences means. By "life sciences" do they mean like chem, physics, bio?? That doesn't specify if you need organic chem or general chem, physics or calculus. And by "full course" does that just mean like a full year course?? What specific courses are a part of "life sciences" that are pre reqs?
  7. So I got into UTM for "Behaviour, Genetics and Neurobiology" and these are the courses I have to take for the program... Students in Behaviour, Genetics and Neurobiology take Biology, Calculus, Chemistry (BIO152H, BIO153H5, MAT134Y5, CHM140Y5).What other courses in first year do I have to take for pre requisites for med school? I did some research and it said "Prerequisite courses include two full courses in life sciences and one full course in social science or humanities or language. " for UofT Faculty of Medicine. In general, to be eligible to apply to UofT, McMaster, Western, etc. What c
  8. Hello, I'm an aspiring physician (as to which specialty I'm not sure) and I am hoping to study neuroscience at UofT in the fall. I've been diagnosed with ADHD-PI last year and it was quite bittersweet. Finally everything I had trouble with made sense, but now with a diagnosis knowing my problems are real doesn't make them any less of a problem. I do not have too much of an issue with motivation because I have to work harder than anyone else to be successful in science, and I do not mind. I will be studying science as an undergrad, and I will be applying to medical schools. Any advice from
  9. Hello Everyone, I have known that I have ADD for almost a year now, and today was the first time I told my parents that I wanted to get help. I've always known I was different since I was a young kid, but never got to put a name to it until almost a year ago when I googled "why do I daydream so much?". Sure enough, websites regarding ADHD came up and since then my inability to focus and listen and really do anything through to the finish has gotten worse. I have made an appointment with my GP for Monday to discuss my options and see where I get referred and such (assuming I will get referr
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