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  1. My MCAT is coming up on the 24th of August, and I am in a bad place. I did not prepare to the best of my ability, and need help deciding whether to give the MCAT and score it, or void it. Either way I will have to probably take the MCAT again, and wanted to know if US medical schools will care if i have retaken the MCAT multiple times. What I am trying to say is, I would void the MCAT if it would effect my chances when applying in the US. I would like to see my scores doesn't matter how bad they are, but don't want to jeopardize my application when I apply in the states. I know Canadian med sc
  2. Hey, guys so as the title suggests, I am having difficulty understanding the procedure for applying to med schools outside Ontario. I live in Ontario, and understand that you will need you use OMSAS, from which you can only apply to schools inside Ontario. So how do i apply to out of province medical schools in Canada? And will i be using AAMC to apply for schools in the states, and also how would I go about applying to international medical schools? I will hopefully be applying in October.
  3. Hey guys, so i am planning to write the MCAT this summer and wanted to know how much of Physics, Calculus and math would be tested on the MCAT. I never took physics in high school and have had trouble with math. So how many passages could be expected related to these subjects, and would I be able to learn physics from the beginning on my own, or would have to take any prep course for it? Also, anyone has any experience with the prep courses?
  4. hey guys, thanks for taking time to help me put. It's kinda weird put something out like this in the open. First off, i have taken time to look back at my study habits. I waste a lot of time, like work that would take me couple of hours to do, i would spend the whole day on it. I am trying my best to improve my study habits. I always find my self panicking and never spending enough amount of time to study for exams. because i waste a lot of time. I know when i maximize my full potential i get great results. so currently working on to improve my habits. As for taking off summer, i was alread
  5. I have never posted here before, but i need realistic advice on my current situation. I started my undergraduate degree in 2014 at UofT. Got accepted for Life Science (Psychology). I though it was gonna be a fresh start for me, but the last 2 years (just finished my 2nd year) has been shit. 1st year, fist term: 1.16 GPA (failed a course) 1st year, second term: 2.03 GPA CGPA: 1.57. was put on probation. Summer after first year, took the one failed course during summer and got 2.70 CGPA: 1.68. removed from probation. 2nd year, first term: 1.40 GPA. CGPA: 1.59. put on probati
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