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  1. For McGill, St Mary's is not a good pĺace to do psych but all other sites are fine. The Douglas is a psychiatric hospital which might be interesting for you.
  2. 1. No school preference is given. I went to a dinky school as did some of my colleagues. 2. My understanding is that the second set of prerequisites will be considerer only if the core prerequisites are completed and still valid. 3. Summer courses are okay but you may lose a few points on the academic profile aspect of your application if these are first year courses or you end up with a semester that is not full time.
  3. Yes if you were admitted you need to send in an official transcript showing you completed your UG degree.
  4. 1) R+E weeks happen after every 2-3 blocks. You usually have 3 exams during the week: 1 end of block exam, 1 practical anatomy exam (60s to ID a pinned structure on a cadaver) and 1 R+E exam (cumulative exam from all the blocks you've seen so far which is more focussed on clinical knowledge versus basic science) 2) TCP is a low stress transition period where you begin going into clinics but still have some lectures as well. You have no patient responsibility but get to hone your history taking and physical exam skills. It's very chill. 3)maybe a med 1 can chime in because they've changed thi
  5. 1) there is almost no biochem taught and genetics is given throughout the curriculum. Unit A is very much focussed on public health, with some basic science thrown in. 2)exams are at the end of every Unit, with some units having a midterm and a final. R+e exams are cumulative exams that focus more on clinically relevant topics (i.e., No need to know the Krebs cycle for that exam but will have to what's the most likely diagnosis given x symptoms) 3)endo topis are integrated throughout and if I rremember correctly a lot was in the GI block.
  6. Absolutely do the camp - you get paid $$$ and will gain some great experiences for whatever you end up doing in life (medicine or otherwise). You do not need to volunteer at a hospital to apply to medical school, so you could find other volunteer opportunities that best fit your schedule.
  7. Dawson also offers evening and summer courses
  8. The Gatineau site is optional! The department does not force anyone to go there and I imagine it will continue to be an optional thing
  9. It's a generic subject line (or at least it was when I applied)
  10. You don't need to send anything else until they send you an acceptance letter. Everything will be outlined in the letter
  11. Your impression of your performance at the MMI is very unlikely to be predictive of your actual performance. No one (except the evaluators) know exactly what they are looking for. Also, no one knows how other people performed in a particular station so it's difficult/impossible to know if you did poorly/did well - everyone else could have done poorly. I had the same reaction as many of you here - I thought I did well (minus 1 or 2 stations) immediately after the interview and then upon reflection I started doubting my answers to many of the other stations. Again, this is not very predictiv
  12. MMI format http://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/mdis/ The website should explain everything else. Good luck!
  13. Plusieurs personnes le font chaque année! Ce sera probablement un peu difficile au début mais tout le monde s'adapte rapidement.
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