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  1. Hello Does anyone know if U of T lets you know if there was something wrong with your application, like if they won't accept a course as a prerequisite, or do you only find out when interviews go out?
  2. I'm under the impression that a 3.9+ 22±1 is pretty much standard for U of T. My question was about how much tougher it is to get in a year earlier. What does that have to do with having common sense?
  3. Hi everyone I plan on applying to U of T dentistry in my third year (i.e. getting admitted after completing 90 credits). My GPA/DAT should be competitive for entrance during 4th year: GPA: 4.00 AA: 23 PAT: 21 However, would they be competitive for 3rd year entrance? How much higher do scores need to be to get in a year earlier? Essentially, I'm wondering whether I should re-do my DAT in November. Thanks
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