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  1. Thanks so much everyone, this was really helpful!
  2. I was hoping to learn a bit more about +1s in anesthesiology (and actually even hospitalist medicine) - from the little I know, it seems like these exist for training in more rural settings. Does the scope of practice and knowledge significantly differ from the 5 year route in anesthesiology (or IM for hospitalists?) And do family docs run clinics and then dabble in these areas on a pt basis, in which case is call routine? I don't know much about what the practical differences are between the +1 specialties and their counterparts; anyone have any input, or know of any resources that have mor
  3. You should be fine, I did the same thing this past cycle. Good luck!
  4. I don't think you get a choice, you'll have to submit your transcript(s) regardless. If the summer course is from your home institution, it should show up with the rest of your grades. I guess if you submit it now, it would show up as "in progress". If you're taking it at another university, you have to submit one from that university along with your home institution transcripts. I'm not sure if it gets automatically updated. I personally just waited till my summer course was over and the grade had been updated before submitting my TRF.
  5. The summer course I was taking was to fulfill one of their pre-reqs. Sorry, should've been more clear before! I'm not sure if they went ahead and included it in my pre-req GPA? Either way, I decided to contact them just to be on the safe side, and was asked to send it in. As for the current cycle, definitely go by the website, it's after all the official source.
  6. I took a course in the summer of 2014 (so right before/during the last cycle) and had no issues with OMSAS, since the deadline for submission was in October. If I remember correctly, I think receipt of the TRF by the deadline was sufficient, it didn't have to be the transcripts themselves. Not sure if that's the same this cycle, but in any case, there should be sufficient time for grades to be updated for summer courses before the OMSAS deadline. My grade wasn't updated in time for some of the other institutions though, like Dal and even UBC's early deadline I think. I just contacted the a
  7. I'm kinda confused about these being proper electives too at other institutions cause some of the schools I've checked, including one international, stipulate that applicants have to be in their final year or in clerkship. Unless I'm missing something? :S
  8. Time stamp: 8:29 AM OOP (Other Competitions) Result: Waitlist cGPA: 3.9 MCAT: 30+ ECs: Varied Interview: I really liked the experience overall! Year: 4th year Will be taking up an offer from an Ontario school, congrats to all those accepted and all the best to other WLers!
  9. Time stamp: 8:59 Result: Accepted cGPA: 3.9 MCAT: 30+ ECs: Nothing extraordinary, but most of them are really long term commitments. Interview: Thought one MMI station was awful, but I guess it worked out! Year: 4th year Was honestly not expecting this since getting into Queen's always felt like an impossible feat! Will likely decline this in favour of another school.
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