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  1. No it wouldn't go into your ABS. It is just a portal for you to register systematic reviews. You should then report the PROSPERO ID in the Methods section of your manuscript. Many journals are now requiring systematic reviews to be registered on PROSPERO...and follow the PRISMA check list
  2. I agree with the above...it is not uncommon for people to write the MCAT multiple multiple times! I wrote it three times and struggled with the same section (was called verbal reasoning then). I would recommend practicing more for this section and rewriting when you feel you've had some time to Get a better feel for things. Your NAQs look fine to me, it really is how you sell it! Good luck!!
  3. only if they are first author...lol what you have is more than adequate that is 2-4 more publications than I had entering med school good luck!
  4. I don't know how much all of this matters but as an aside, it would be good practice to speak up about your contributions to your projects with your PI. This may happen again in a different project with a different PI, and you should always receive credit where its due. Some conversations might be awkward but I don't think your PI would say no if you did that portion of the project. Awkward conversations are the important ones cheers
  5. my line of thinking is that even if you have 1% chance and you really want this, go for it! I wasn't expecting much when I applied to UBC and so you never know. Not sure how reference letters work now, but they used to only be required after interview I think so you don't need to worry about that right now good luck!
  6. Couldn't have said it any better!! I also agree the system isn't perfect and its unfortunate some people find these things out later . On the other hand, students who go to institutions like UFT typically have greater access to mentors, research projects, advocacy initiatives, etc. I personally don't think that completely offsets the disadvantage of the GPA game but also something to consider
  7. I was able to get OSAP as a UBC medical student. It's the exact same process as what you would have done earlier. I'm not sure how the exact amount of funding is calculated. A good contact at UBC is Jennifer Fong for these kind of questions! Hope this is helpful
  8. thanks @ArdentMed for organizing this. Just a reminder to those using this service that not many people here will truly know how to write the best application or give the best interview. Medical school admissions are designed to take a diverse range of applicants, at least ideally. And so more importantly than taking all of the advice from one person, I would ask different people for their inputs on your applications, letters, etc. all the best!
  9. also from Toronto and attended UBC medical school. Loved my time there, can share my experiences if any one wants to DM
  10. Hey, I think there is just 1 waitlist and OOP applicants aren't necessarily at the top of the list. Rather, like you said, they tend to be more competitive being an OOP applicant that they do find themselves generally higher up on that list. I would imagine that they are also more likely to decline the offer to stay closer to home. I remember being in this boat - good luck to everyone here!
  11. Congrats to everyone who are hearing the big news now and congrats on-hold to those who will hear later
  12. from what I remember, the % posted on the UBC statistics pages are averages. So you can be under those numbers and still have a very good shot at getting in. You will never know until you apply shoot your shot and see what's in store for you Best of luck
  13. I don't think they can provide you with more than what you can see online in terms of free Casper videos and MMI style questions. just practice as much as you can and try to simulate the real thing However, I can see for some people how they may provide a sense of greater confidence in yourself knowing that you were "trained" so if you feel like you would be better off taking it, I guess you can try but just be informed that it might not make a difference at all
  14. I agree with the posts above, it sounds like your NAQ material is stronger than you think...although it's always hard to judge as it is truly subjective. I would just focus on your MCAT and give it what you have. Whatever time you have available, you can consider joining the different activities suggested by others above but in the end it's really what you enjoy...that's what will tell your personal story that you will be narrating in your med school application. All the best!
  15. From a little online digging (Google "York nserc gpa"), it looks like you need a minimum 6.0/9.0 and then the ranks of applications are done based on the GPA. So a higher GPA will increase your chances. However, like everything, never hurts to throw an application and see what happens! All the best Also look at this link and try to go to this year's information sessions when the details come out. Maybe inquire with the Biology department for these. http://biology.yorku.ca/undergraduate-program/nserc-usra-awards-dura-awards/
  16. I don't think we talk like we are 5 years old. This might be why you had a more difficult time convincing parents about your medical degree
  17. Hi there, I think what you need to do is look at the course calendar for the biomed program and compare it to others at York vs other programs at other schools as well. It really depends on what you find interesting and what you think your strengths are in. At this moment, that would be my biggest advice to you
  18. Honestly just apply across the board if you have time to work on those apps...it's really a numbers and luck game at the end of it! Good luck with it!
  19. You will definitely find people who fit your interests and even age group as that is one of your concerns Medical school has a whole bunch of people and people find out who they want to hang out with pretty quickly. Lots of diversity so enjoy your summer off and try not to worry about this too much. Enjoy med!
  20. That's true but then we should also be aware of the hundreds of Canadians studying abroad (CSAs)/IMGs who did all that and went to a foreign medical to not receive any interviews for CaRMS residency. If you ask me what I would do, I would echo ysera above - If a few times in med didn't pan out for me, I would consider another career where I would be happy enough to live my life doing it. I can appreciate that it's a tough decision, and its entirely yours at the end, but be informed of the pros and cons of each. Speak to those who made it doing the IMG route and those who didn't..get thei
  21. Hey, it's not that something went wrong for you to not get the offer right away, but that something went right for you to be waitlisted and not be rejected right away It's all relative, I know many others would be grateful to be in your spot. I was also waitlisted back in 2015 and managed to come off it after lots of prayers! I think the movement on the waitlist is quite good...I would agree and guess that probably half the people on waitlist will get offers but can't say for sure...
  22. As others have nicely said above, I would also say take dentistry...my main point is that you've said that you would be happy doing it. So do it! If you still have an inkling for med, you can apply while in dental. I also know someone who switched from dental school to medicine just 1 year into it. Congrats on the UBC and UFT DDS acceptances!
  23. I want to say that I think I used a textbook the course recommended, but I can't recall for sure. I'll let someone who has taken this course more recently tell you about that
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