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  1. Welcome 2020's! Just so you know, this is a super weird and creepy thing to say and would be taken as a pretty inappropriate thing to say in any public venue, particularly at Schulich. Anyways, welcome!
  2. For what it's worth, I'm also in this class and don't really find anyone to be "functionally illiterate." However, perhaps there should be a component of the interview that discourages one from publicly trashing their peers? Just a thought.
  3. The FB group requires approval to join, so don't expect it to immediately reflect acceptances. Personally, it took about 3 days for me to get into the group - and I'm sure for some it took 5 minutes - because it all tends to come in chunks whenever an admin checks.
  4. It was the normal waitlist. And don't feel bad for me! That was last cycle. Feels like ages ago.
  5. Hate to burst your bubble, but definitely not true. When people don't get off the waitlist they only get an email way late in August or maybe September about how it's all over and they are unlikely to post about it (I was one of them).
  6. Yes, but I got it three days later, so don't expect it to be immediate.
  7. Accepted to Waterloo cGPA: 3.87 VR Score: 11 How you felt CASPER went: Thought it went really well. Geography : OOP Current year: Finished Undergrad Interview: Thought it went great, really. Not one station I got too worried about. Got flat-out rejected post-interview last year, and this year I only got pulled off the interview waitlist like... 5 days before I had to be in Hamilton. I live in the prairies. It was quite a trip. More than pleased to see it went well.
  8. Accepted to London GPA: 3.94 (I think, going by the "two best year"s thing) MCAT(PS/VR/BS): 14/11/12 ECs: Meh. Decent, w/ volunteering, a writing grant, musician stuff, but otherwise not stellar. Year: Finished undergrad last year. SWOMEN: Nope Interview: Thought it went terrible. Maybe only shined on a few questions, but on the way out I really felt like I didn't show them who I am. Felt like garbage, and watched the MMI video with impending doom. I kind of swung from that to "pretty good" and back and forth after that. Imagine my surprise. I was so convinced I was definite
  9. Unless you intend on strapping yourself into a Hannibal Lecter style gurney, you won't be able to avoid checking your email early and often. Pretty sure it's a law of nature.
  10. Haha, maybe you have more self-control than me, but if this is your first cycle, I assure you that when it comes to results day, "sleeping in" does not really happen.
  11. TIME STAMP: 9:05 AM - (But it just said to check the documents) GPA: 3.99 MCAT: 14/11/12 (37) ECs: Not great, but not bad. Some athletic hobbies, sessional work as a musician, volunteered at a mental health organization, writing grant. Only one leadership entry :| Year: Graduated last year IP ACCEPTED. This was my second cycle. There is hope. I still have two schools to hear back from but I'm pumped. To the point that I don't really know what to do with myself so I'm kind of just sitting here. edit: Oh, right, the interview. Thought it went really well. Only two stations I don't think
  12. Ends up I have an email, but the UAlberta account sent it to spam for some stupid reason. And all it says is to check your documents.
  13. Right here: https://admissions.med.ualberta.ca/Account/Login
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