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  1. The white coat ceremony was fun - as a guy it's nice to see all those new first year women in the skimpiest and shortest of dresses with high heels and hair and the old people in the crowd showing disaproval; especially because in a few weeks those clothes will be replaced by much more bummy clothing. 


    Welcome 2020's! Just so you know, this is a super weird and creepy thing to say and would be taken as a pretty inappropriate thing to say in any public venue, particularly at Schulich. Anyways, welcome!

  2. I agree.  Despite the high verbal reasoning requirements for my class (well, at least for the Non_Swomen) - still surprised how many people in my class sometimes seem functionally illiterate.  AT least for being in a professional program.  Glad they are bringing in a writing component.


    For what it's worth, I'm also in this class and don't really find anyone to be "functionally illiterate." However, perhaps there should be a component of the interview that discourages one from publicly trashing their peers? Just a thought.

  3. Accepted to Waterloo

    cGPA: 3.87
    VR Score: 11
    How you felt CASPER went: Thought it went really well.
    Geography : OOP
    Current year: Finished Undergrad

    Interview: Thought it went great, really. Not one station I got too worried about.
    Got flat-out rejected post-interview last year, and this year I only got pulled off the interview waitlist like... 5 days before I had to be in Hamilton. I live in the prairies. It was quite a trip. More than pleased to see it went well.
  4. Accepted to London

    GPA:  3.94 (I think, going by the "two best year"s thing)

    MCAT(PS/VR/BS): 14/11/12

    ECs: Meh. Decent, w/ volunteering, a writing grant, musician stuff, but otherwise not stellar.

    Year: Finished undergrad last year.

    SWOMEN: Nope

    Interview: Thought it went terrible. Maybe only shined on a few questions, but on the way out I really felt like I didn't show them who I am. Felt like garbage, and watched the MMI video with impending doom. I kind of swung from that to "pretty good" and back and forth after that.


    Imagine my surprise. I was so convinced I was definitely out, especially because I got mid-waitlisted last year. Absolute shocker. 

  5. This pretty much sums up my plan, though I won't be meeting with your girlfriend. Hopefully sleep in though and wake up to emails already in my inbox. Take the whole refreshing emails out of play. I dont want to get carpel tunnel by clicking so much... stay safe.


    Haha, maybe you have more self-control than me, but if this is your first cycle, I assure you that when it comes to results day, "sleeping in" does not really happen.

  6. TIME STAMP: 9:05 AM - (But it just said to check the documents)
    GPA: 3.99
    MCAT: 14/11/12 (37)
    ECs: Not great, but not bad. Some athletic hobbies, sessional work as a musician, volunteered at a mental health organization, writing grant. Only one leadership entry :|
    Year: Graduated last year



    ACCEPTED. This was my second cycle. There is hope. I still have two schools to hear back from but I'm pumped. To the point that I don't really know what to do with myself so I'm kind of just sitting here.


    edit: Oh, right, the interview. Thought it went really well. Only two stations I don't think I was particularly proud of but I felt mostly collected, and a couple were softballs because I had a lot of personal life experience related to the question. I actually got really sick halfway through the whole thing and started sweating profusely, but it worked out, so maybe I should try that in the future as a strategy.

  7. Still haven't found an answer to this question:  will there be MMI stations? Everything in my correspondence to the Registrar's Office has suggested NO but ppl keep telling me to be prepared. Anyone?


    No, Western does not have an MMI whatsoever. It is a traditional interview.


    However, a lot of the kind of questions that you might see in an MMI, such as ethical dilemmas and "what do you think about this" kind of stuff, can very well come up.

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