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  1. * Zoom chat is free by the way (for OP or for anyone else who sees this).
  2. Hey there, Getting feedback like that can be really tough, especially after you put so much work in. I have a video on interview strategies, dos, and do-nots here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJehDrxBrFl/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link . Something I picked up on in your post though is that you mentioned that you prepared for topics. While it can't hurt to do a refresher on certain topical issues, answering med school ethics/policy style interview questions is less about showing your knowledge and more about showing your thinking. If you would like to meet over Zoom sometime and discuss int
  3. Hi everyone, I posted on here a couple of months ago about an interview workshop that my husband and I were running. I had a lot of requests from people who missed that workshop to keep them (and you all) informed about future workshops. So... here is the information regarding a free workshop being held tomorrow at 6PM. All are welcome to attend. DM me for the Zoom link. Here is the info about the event: Preparing for Professional School Interviews with Dr. Ariel Gershon and Emily Izsak Gershon
  4. Hi there, I don't have any scheduled at the moment but we are looking to organize one with New College at U of T in the future (don't have an exact date yet). For now you can see the recorded session (minus the practice question & answer part for participant privacy reasons) on my IGTV here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJehDrxBrFl/ . If you would like to meet privately over Zoom or Skype to discuss your specific interview goals and do some practice interview questions, I always offer one free 30 minute session per student. Message me privately if this is of interest to you and there
  5. Update: We've scheduled the meeting for noon (Eastern time) on Sunday Dec. 27th. DM me for the Zoom link
  6. Hi all, My husband (pgy2 physician) and I run a med application Instagram page (@egmedprep) and we've done workshops at U of T in the past (you can find our New College application writing workshop on my IGTV). We are thinking of putting together a Zoom MMI/interview workshop (totally for free) if there's enough interest. Hopefully it can also serve as a way for interested parties to meet each other and form your own prep practice groups. The idea is for me to give you some principles and tips for practicing interview skills so that you can use your prep time wisely. We were thinking of
  7. Hey there, here are my top tips for acting questions and how to prepare for them: 1) Acting questions will usually ask you to A) break bad news to somebody/ a patient, or B ) talk to somebody who is struggling emotionally or struggling to make a decision. These types of questions serve to test your communication skills, how you react under pressure, and how you can be empathetic and kind while still being helpful/ relaying important information. 2) Don't make any assumptions. Ask lots of questions. Don't be accusatory in tone. 3) Relate to the character the actor is playing,
  8. Hi there med and dentistry hopefuls, I am a professional editor and interview coach. You can find more information about me and my pricing options on my website here https://emilyizsak.com/editing-services-interview-prep/. I also post free interview and application tips on my Instagram page here: https://emilyizsak.com/editing-services-interview-prep/ . Making sure that students have access to affordable and equitable prep services is really important to me, so I often offer opportunities to get free feedback or information on my Instagram page. There is an application writing informatio
  9. Hey everyone, I have decided to do some free interview feedback every week in November (before I get really busy in the coming months). Basically, every Tuesday in November I will post an interview question on my Insta story (you can find me here: https://www.instagram.com/egmedprep/ ). If you send me a voice note responding to the practice question, I will send you a voice note back with some feedback/suggestions for improvement. Good luck everyone, and I hope you all hear good news about interview invites soon! -Emily
  10. Hey there, I am an interview coach and I've been a panelist at med schools in the past. Interviewing at the med school level is actually a very systematic process. I tell my students that if they prepare properly, they will actually be able to answer any interview question that's thrown at them and there won't be any surprises. You're already ahead of the game by thinking about interviews this early. Here are some general tips for how to prepare: 1) Think of each question as a mini essay with the thesis being "I will be a good doctor/med student." This should be the bottom line of all of
  11. A 2 is less than adequate— If you answered an ethics question and only gave pros and not cons when asked for both, for instance. Also if you say something that's a red flag (like blaming somebody else when discussing a conflict or saying something like "i wouldn't want to be a nurse because nurses aren't as valuable as doctors").
  12. I don't remember if it's 1 or 2 "two or less" scores 2 from two different interviewers. It definitely has to be from two different interviewers.
  13. I've been an interviewer at western before. In the past, you had to get two scores of 2 or less from two different interviewers for your application to be thrown out. One 2 won't take you out of the game (that's why they have a panel). You can message me privately if you want some more feedback.
  14. Hey everyone, I am a writer, editor, and interview coach and I've been doing interview prep for professional schools both in-person and online for a number of years now. I've been on interview panels of med schools as a community member and over 90% of the students that I've worked with have gone on to secure spots in professional schools post-interview. This is all to say, I know we're in trying times. I know that a lot of med schools and other professional schools have made some last-minute changes and moved interviews to an online format. If you are particularly stressed out about this, you
  15. Specificity is always good. It allows the interviewer to imagine you in the scenario, imagine you performing a task, and hopefully succeeding at that task. Like, if your volunteer work is teaching kids with learning disabilities, give me a brief overview of how long you've been doing that work and the name of the organization, tell me how you get kids with different disabilities to understand difficult concepts, tell me a story about one kid in particular who you tutored and how you helped him study for a difficult test and even though he's dyslexic, in the end, he was able to get an A on his
  16. Every question in a med school interview has the subtext "why would you be a good doctor/med student?" Think about using the STAR method to answer questions like this (situation, task, action, result). After you're done that, throw in a connection to medicine/what you learned from the experience that's going to make you a good doctor. Basically, you're using your volunteer experience (or whatever experience) as proof of why you would be a good doctor or medical student at this school. Go into the specifics that you need to make your point.
  17. Yes, It's pretty shitty. But it's also cheap and close to the hospital, so it's fine for a one night stay. I was there for two weeks on an elective and it wasn't great. People were fighting loudly in the halls at 2 AM, the hallways are pretty dirty, it's not in the nicest part of Ottawa...
  18. Can confirm that Western accepted a wGPA of 3.74. Will post stats soon.
  19. Hey everyone, I was hoping you could tell me about what kind of opportunities there are to get involved in music type things at queens. Thank you
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