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  1. Why did you skip a grade in elementary?
  2. Is there a joke I'm missing about Western University being grouped with the western provinces? Good analysis, I liked the way you chose to organize the information into graphs. Doesn't look like much is changing, aside from the odd Peds-Neuro appearance. The competitive stuff stayed competitive, the non-competitive stuff is still straightforward to get into.
  3. Does anyone know if there was a surge this year?
  4. I've heard of people getting letters after 2 shifts on emerg electives, when they're likely sharper right out of the gate. I think 5 shifts on the core is very doable, especially if you've already gotten positive feedback
  5. My impression was the plan was to add more seats, i.e. another site like IMP, SMP, NMP. This was supposed to tie in to a significant expansion of healthcare in the Fraser region, and Surrey Memorial in particular. But I haven't heard anything more on it since 2019
  6. I think the faculty at UBC might get in trouble if they make med student see COVID patients, at least that's what I'm guessing based on how strongly they stress how we're not to go anywhere near them at the start of all my rotations
  7. Not a fan of PBL/CBL? I thought it was a reasonably effective way to learn in preclerkship (supplemented with lecture material of course, idk how Mac does it without that)
  8. Amusingly, Mac kind of did admit this last year, when they offered most of their spots based on a lottery, instead of bothering to move interviews to a virtual platform. I don't think the reaction was very positive.
  9. How many rural rotations would you have to do a year to be eligible for this?
  10. Unrelated to the MCCQE, I don't think cramming is very effective for medical school. Sure you may do well on tests, but patients generally do better when their doctors know the stuff they are supposed to know. Do right by your future patients and try to study in a way that allows you to retain the knowledge long-term.
  11. So you wrote it the summer between M3 and M4? Are there any downsides to doing this and failing (aside from the cost of the exam, which I understand is quite a bit)?
  12. How many days were you denied a vaccine due to there being no leftovers? What were you promised in terms of vaccination when you signed up as a volunteer? Did they ever offer you more than "leftovers"?
  13. I also wonder if the criticisms of UBC are site specific. From the medical school perspective I've talked to students who had relatively good experiences on IM, whereas others (at VGH) had pretty strict 1:4 call, never slept on any of their call shifts, sometimes reviewed cases with staff till 10 am the next day, etc., and overall it was pretty brutal.
  14. Agreed with above. Do the inpatient stuff now, its good learning and if you're solely outpatient in practice you will never get the opportunity again after residency. Your future patients will thank you.
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