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  1. I think you might still have a shot. They cancelled it for the 2022s in May (see above note, you probably received it as well?), and re-instated them in December. To my knowledge they haven't cancelled it again yet.
  2. I'll just paste the actual note that was sent back in May: (note that this was revised in December to allow shadowing and non-credit clinical activities again, although that was shortly before omicron started) Shadowing/ Non-Credit Clinical Activities: Shadowing in Years 1 & 2, and Non-Credit Clinical Activities in year 3 & 4 are currently on hold due to the severe situation many hospital and preceptors are facing around the province due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This situation has recently been reviewed and we will continue to review it as the circumstances around the
  3. UBC 2022s were told if they participated in clinical experiences that were not sanctioned by the school (which explicitly said summer electives were not allowed due to covid) they would not be practicing within the scope of their medical license issued by the College, which could carry siginficant consequences if they were caught.
  4. To be clear I'm not bashing FFS, I do think the model provides a lot of value to the system, especially for its ability to see a large volume of patients quickly. My point was that different doctors want different things and as a result we are not united. I have spoken to people who have seen these negotiations done at arms length, and their observation was the NP groups are better able to lobby government with clear messaging of what they want.. and so they are able to achieve their goals. The BC government is going to chase all the family doctors away from full-servce primary care, the
  5. This is another problem, unfortunately there are enough FPs that abuse the system that it becomes hard to defend. Even if its a small minority you only need a few stories for the CBC and Red Star to run with
  6. The BC government definitely wants to introduce CRNAs as a cost-saving measure for ORs. They see the lack of anesthesiologists are a major barrier to surgery waitlists, but don't want to spend more to hire them. The only reason CRNAs haven't been introduced is because the anesthesiologists refuse to train them. I have heard the government has even considered flying in CRNAs from the US to help with training. I don't know if FP anesthetists would be an acceptable alternative for government, as I imagine they would still demand high rates. They want cheap labour, and see nurses as the way t
  7. The CBC and Toronto Red Star hate doctors, so their slant is unsurprising. Another factor not discussed is that BC family doctors aren't unified in what they want. Some like the 10 min model where they can quickly churn through patients and make a lot of money. Others would prefer to take a 9 - 5 salary and see fewer patients. The government walks all over doctors because we are shit at negotiating. In turn, they get walked all over by nurses because the NDP loves their unions. At least this year it looks like the government caved to anesthesiologists, they added 5 more residency spo
  8. Last year I heard the cardiac surgery programs mostly took their own. They only have 1 spot and didn't want to risk it to OOP when they had a good local candidate. Hard to say if it will be different this year.
  9. Actually they're quite clear in the document that this is exactly what they intend to do: "When you register for FMProC you will also be invited to participate in a research project. This project is designed to evaluate any disadvantage for a specific demographic group of candidates sitting the test and the predictive validity of the test over 2 years, for those who subsequently match to FM. When you register for FMProC, please consider agreeing to the use of your de-identified data in this project as this will help in the ongoing evaluation of this assessment tool for fairness, equ
  10. I don't think boycotting any program is feasible in this environment where there are barely enough total residency spots for applicants. At the end of the day most people will grumble but will likely jump through the hoop. Have they at least posted any sample questions yet?
  11. I don't think this is true. I saw a number of applicants on my Peds core rotation who were planning to apply to both Peds and IM. I think they both wanted Peds more actually, but ended up in IM
  12. That certainly does sound terrible. Do you know if there is at least opportunity to prepare for enhanced skills / +1 training? Or is this not a program to match to if you are interested in that?
  13. Agree that it would be straightforward to build a small anatomy lab and have a few of the profs be based at the Surrey site to teach anatomy there. The lectures are already streamed across the province before the lab itself, and if they're expanding health sciences capacity they'd probably want some anatomy capacity at the new site as well. I think the time for an SFU/UBC partnership has passed. That would have been very likely a few years ago, but I think now that SFU has moved so far ahead on their medical school and apparently has provincial support, they're not going to settle for a s
  14. I don't know if its a big secret that there is a lot of expansion planned in Surrey - it is the fastest growing city in North America after all. There is also significant development planned for RCH. The entire Fraser region is going to see a lot more infrastructure over the next decade. I think at this point if UBC decides to completely split off a cohort of students to Fraser for the full four years, it'll be done with existing spots, i.e. 32 of the 192 from the current VFMP site. I doubt the government will fund more spots at this time.
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