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  1. So I checked the OSAP site and realized that it's only open to Ontario residents. I'll be attending a school in Ontario, but my PR is in Alberta - is ALIS the equivalent of OSAP? Am I still eligible if I'm attending school that is outside of Alberta? Thank you!
  2. Hi all, Just wondering, what is a line of credit exactly? Since I'm assuming most of us don't work during med school, is the money loaned to you by a bank through the LOC (I'm assuming that is what it is, but I have no idea how it works) the only money you have available? Assuming your parents aren't supporting you financially in any way. Thank you so much!
  3. I know everyone has been talking about IP and the hopeful June 15th date, but how about for OOP? Do you guys think the same applies for that? Also, I was thinking, do you think that it's possible people have declined but are just further down on the waitlist, but between you and the waitlist? So for ex. if I am #100 and the waitlist is at #2, everyone from #75-99 could have removed themselves without it showing on the waitlist site. Or do you think that minerva would update the cohort number in that case?
  4. Thanks sleeping_sickness! I know that for ontario schools, the deposit is due next week so that's when it will start moving (fingers crossed) but any idea for schools in BC/Alberta and such?
  5. Another question about waitlist possibilities! I'm currently on the oop list and I'm not sure whether to stop hoping or not, since the waitlist has only moved by one so far. Should I give up, or when do you guys think I should hold out till?
  6. Does anyone have an idea of when the waitlist started to move for previous years, particularly for the OOP category? I know that other schools have released their decisions just recently, but I thought at least it would have moved by 1. Thanks!
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