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  1. Hey there, recent graduate from Queen's Life Sci. I strongly do not recommend this program unless you are interested in pursuing a Masters. It is fantastic preparation for a MSc, but in my opinion, very poor preparation for professional schools or any career out of undergrad. This is because in third year, the program splits into Life Science majors and Life Science specializations. The specializations are research-focused (cancer research, microbiology, neuroscience etc.) and you CANNOT get a fourth year thesis project without being in a specialization stream. Fourth year BSc
  2. Hey there, I know I'm a bit late here, but I figured I'd add my thoughts to the discussion. I've worked as a retail pharmacy assistant for 3 years now, in 2 very different settings. In the more corporate pharmacies (think big chains like Rexall or Shoppers) the pharmacists have a lot more corporate oversight, and the work can be pretty thankless at times. But it's a fairly unique healthcare position in that once your shift is done, IT'S DONE. Whereas physicians, nurses, etc. are usually bringing their work home with them, or are constantly being inundated with phone calls from p
  3. Can I ask why you feel pharmacy is the best career for you? There are 3 main employment routes for a pharmacist in Ontario: community/retail, hospital, and industry. I've worked in community pharmacy for 3 years now, and can personally attest that many hospital pharmacists (esp. recent grads) are hired part-time without benefits, and pick up relief shifts in a community pharmacy to balance out their income. I also have friends who recently graduated and got hired on full-time at a Shoppers / Rexall right away, but only if they were willing to move outside of a big city. If you really have
  4. As interview invites just went out this week, I figured I'd start a thread for people who want to chat about interview prep! Anyone been through the process within the last few years and have any advice?
  5. I didn't take any English courses during my undergrad, because I figured it would tank my GPA for that year (I really really suck at writing essays). However, I didn't get any interviews this round, so I'm looking at applying to pharmacy & optometry schools along with my second round of med applications this year. Unfortunately, these programs all require English Does anyone have a good recommendation (or a grade distribution!) for a first year level English summer course? I've looked into Queen's, but the grade distribution for the past 2 summers has been very discouraging.
  6. I definitely agree with above commenters that ECs can help balance out your studies, and give you more things to talk about in an interview. However, if you're only looking into schools that don't require an ABS (or similar) then you're probably better off just focusing on your GPA. Totally anecdotal, but I also know 3 people who got interviews to Toronto & Calgary this year with dismal ECs. Anyway, my personal opinion is that if there are ECs that you are truly passionate about doing, then definitely do them! I wouldn't have survived my undergrad without the experiences I got fro
  7. Hey there, Quick overview: - 4th year UG - cGPA 3.90, wGPA higher at a few schools - Diverse ECs with quite a few long-term (5+ years) commitments - Had a lot of great feedback on my essays (I got them reviewed by 4 profs) & felt pretty good about CASPER - Applied to Toronto, Queen's, McMaster, Ottawa, Calgary - No interviews this round, looking to reapply next year My MCAT scores (129/128/127/130) were ok, but I'm wondering if it would be worth it to re-write to try and boost CARS? Finances are super tight right now, so I don't want to waste the money unless it'll really mak
  8. Every time I try to submit my transcript marks in UCAN, I get this pop-up that says I don't meet the eligibility criteria based on what I've entered, and asks if I'd still like to apply. I've triple checked every single grade that I've entered, and I meet all of the OOP criteria in the applicant manual (my GPA is 3.93, I've completed 3 years full time at a MD/PhD institution etc.) Has anyone else been having this problem?
  9. A few questions about the sketch: 1) Is it bad to use acronyms? The "description" character count is too small for almost everything 2) I have a late birthday, so a lot of the activities I started in grade 11 were technically started when I was 15. Do I therefore make the start date my 16th birthday, or September? 3) Can I use peers as verifiers? Many of my extracirricular activities (ex. tutoring) don't have an actual supervisor. Thanks for the help!!
  10. I took 4 courses instead of 5 in my second year (for medical reasons), and it's seriously killing some of my applications this cycle. I strongly advise you stick with the full course load.
  11. 2 quick questions about selecting referees: 1) One of my referees has changed jobs in the last year, so their title/position/institution is different from what it was when I worked with them. Do I put down the job they had when I knew them (as that is relevant to what they are writing about me) or the position they are in now? 2) Do I have to submit my entire application before my references are emailed? I want to give them enough time for that October 1st deadline but the rest of my essays etc. aren't completed yet. Thanks!
  12. So I know it's hard to give a full picture on here but I'll give a brief overview I'm currently in 3rd year Life Sci (psych minor), and my MCAT scores: 129/128/127/130 (514 - 90th+ total) My OMSAS cGPA so far is 3.85, but I only took a full course load 1st & 3rd year (and I expect to next year). I only took 4/5 per term in second year (made it up over the summer) due to illness & surgeries. My extracurriculars are pretty typical (president of a club, member of 2 other clubs, part-time job during the year, full time manager work over the summer, hospital & soup kitchen
  13. Hi everyone! So I'm going into 3rd year, and I wasn't planning on doing any applications this cycle because my GPA isn't anything exceptional (cGPA 3.84 on OMSAS) and I wasn't expecting anything from my first MCAT as I worked full-time this summer and wasn't able to do as much practice as I wanted. But my scores came out today, and I got a 514 (129/128/127/130). So I'm wondering if I have a realistic chance of getting an interview anywhere? My ECs are pretty average for a "pre-med", variety of volunteering, 4 year musical theatre program (hobby) and multiple jobs. No research thoug
  14. That's a very solid study plan IF you can keep up with it. However, if you're finding it takes a while to get through the books, remember that passage-based practice questions >>>>>>> general content review.
  15. ... I would spend your gap year working to fix that if you actually plan on going to med school Anyway, to answer your real question, you're probably best off with TPR. I personally took the Kaplan course, which heavily relies on self-preparation. I don't know much about prep101, but apparently they have a lot of in-class hours too so maybe give that a look?
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