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  1. Just want to say this is an amazing thread. I was having doubts too (esp today) but there's some great perspectives here. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I think the size was just a bit over which is why I got confused. I simply used a picture from a while ago instead and it worked great!
  3. TIME STAMP: 2:15 pm MST Result: Invite cGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 517 ECs: A lot of employment in research, retail, and community services. Volunteering. Pretty standard I think. Year: MSc Geography : IP Long time lurker (kind of), but this is my first interview out of like 3 cycles. So needless to say this is pretty exciting
  4. Have you been in Alberta since August of this year?
  5. Just out of curiosity, do you know if this deferral policy applies to other schools such as UofC? That is, can you ask for a deferral if you get accepted at UofA and are attending graduate studies at UofC?
  6. I think like, you are ultimately the person to make the call. If it were me though, it sounds like you don't really know her too well, and I would do that first before trying for anything serious. Maybe like just talk to her and get to know her more first? See if she is seeing anyone? Does she have any rings? Maybe go for a coffeebreak sometime after the shift? it is a volunteer position so I would watch out for professionalism, but at the same time, you are probably not going to be working with her forever, and if a potential, meaningful relationship comes out of it I think it might
  7. I really don't like this move from UofA, and I understand that I may be biased, but I also feel like that there are some things that are not emphasized enough. First off, as many people have pointed out, a 4.0 GPA or so has nothing to do with an individual's social skills and ability to interact empathetically with their community. The stereotype of the bookworm student is a remnant of the past that holds little water in today's medical admissions process, with its increasing emphasis on subjective, personable experiences. I'm sure many individuals with these "4.0 GPAs and stellar MCATs"
  8. I think the MCAT requirement would be 518+. I applied with a 517 for 2 consecutive years and couldn't receive an interview.
  9. Going onto my third cycle and fifth mcat rewrite. Just wanted to reach out to everyone here and say that you are far from alone. Don't give up hope! But I do understand though, that statement is far too redundant nowadays and appears disingenous. We hear it too often that "you will become a great physician someday" or "you just have to keep trying", but then you think to yourself, "you do not have the slightest clue" or "but how can you be so sure?". We also hear "but the fact that you are trying so hard will make you a better, more determined physician in the future", but it gets to a hig
  10. Yeah, the subjective assessment of academics dropped for me by more than 30 points, even though my GPA improved and now demonstrates an upward trend. Quite puzzling, but I suppose it's because the pool has changed or they are looking for different things.
  11. Uh wtf? Seriously? Who do you think are to judge and patronize people? Great, you got into med school, but you know what? That was seriously uncalled for and I truly hope that you were trolling or just in some weird/drunken mental state to make this post. My god... also, OP feel free to pm me. You're not alone in this marathon!
  12. No doubt we have heard it before: The incessant narcissm and egoism of millenials and generation y is too widespread and causing us to take everything we have for granted. We don't "work hard enough". We "have it easy". We just don't know "what true hardship" really is. My contention with the author is that, as others have posted, he seems to strongly appeal to the aforementioned belief and older generation. I also find it it ironic that he quotes C.S. Lewis, as he himself appears to partake in this "chronological snobbery". I believe he goes overboard in asking medical admissions to imple
  13. I don't think the rejection letter specifies what you "need" to get on the EC section, but you can sure infer what you need to improve or "get". For example, I received the rejection letter with a 6 in personal activities despite above average GPA+MCAT+being an employed OOP non-trad, and thus my grades weren't able to compensate. Therefore, it seems like I would need a slightly higher EC score like a 7. Moreover, it seems like a point or two off the "mean" resembles a bell curve, in that the further away you are, the more it hurts you. Other thoughts...Alberta's move to a more EC focused s
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