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  1. Not negatively so you're fine. Obviously helps to have first but it also helps to have any in general, don't worry too much about it.
  2. Typically if you wanted to maximize exposure at as many sites as possible, 2 weeks were the norm. Now that things are local/ regional because of COVID, 4 will be more common. Plus most people will do fam with one of the rural placement organizations like ROMP or ERMEP and do 4 weeks. But generally 2 was the norm to answer your question. Sometimes people did 2 weeks in a related but not exact speciality and tried to pick up call for the speciality they were interested in (heard more in surgery based ones) but again with covid these last two years electives were whack.
  3. Residents have had electives for quite some time, and it’s already been discussed that the 2023s may not have electives. This is because if a few schools can’t do it (Alberta /sask) then all the rest do not get to (provincial elective idea was shot down for our year due unfairness to provinces that can’t participate). So good potential not for some time (2024), but covid times has been very fluid so one can hope.
  4. I think at this time everything is speculation and no concrete answers. Objectively probably when ICUs aren’t dealing with mostly COVID patients and medicine ward beds aren’t being lost to make room for ICU beds anymore and we’ve reached a threshold of vaccination?
  5. Yes, can’t do electives at other academic sites. Heard that same may happen for the 2023s as well but unclear. Honestly it’s a constant moving target at this point for the future classes.
  6. Internal, do whatever interests you, leadership and research are fine but don’t need to go ham. ENT on the otherhand you’ll want to go ham. Was the most competitive last match, typically competitive, so see if you can rule it in/out this year and get on making connections/research.
  7. No can put entire time, I did that and not the only one that did. Just meant to screen out activities that were ONLY done before 16.
  8. Sheeeeet already?? Should we all be prepping now ? Between that and CaRMS and electives I may just tap out.
  9. I have seen maybe one person use a tablet during clerkship. Things are fast moving during clinics and OR you wouldn’t have it out, gear towards what will be conducive towards regular class and studying would be my opinion. Best of luck
  10. This decision is a very personal one. Although I wasn't working for as long as you, I did have a contract job that was being lined up for a full time position, government job with benefits, 40 hr work week, very little call, vacays got longer as your career progressed. Left it for medicine as it was the goal all along. I know work is an important part of my life, more keen on the DINK lifestyle than kids, and again good job stability doing something I could never otherwise do, just need to sacrifice some things along the way to get there. The best thing you can do is: does the career align wit
  11. Queen's may be a possibility due to the MSc, if you have the $ no reason not to try.
  12. Might have some last minute changes with 1 or 2 people, but yeah I would have thought one more week. Think we had one or two additions in late June or July but mostly full by this point (by nature of the small class size).
  13. Fairly low for the 2 yr if no graduate degree, but if you have the cash to spare and a decent MCAT why not right? Wont ever know if you don’t try.
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