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  1. This decision is a very personal one. Although I wasn't working for as long as you, I did have a contract job that was being lined up for a full time position, government job with benefits, 40 hr work week, very little call, vacays got longer as your career progressed. Left it for medicine as it was the goal all along. I know work is an important part of my life, more keen on the DINK lifestyle than kids, and again good job stability doing something I could never otherwise do, just need to sacrifice some things along the way to get there. The best thing you can do is: does the career align wit
  2. Queen's may be a possibility due to the MSc, if you have the $ no reason not to try.
  3. Might have some last minute changes with 1 or 2 people, but yeah I would have thought one more week. Think we had one or two additions in late June or July but mostly full by this point (by nature of the small class size).
  4. Fairly low for the 2 yr if no graduate degree, but if you have the cash to spare and a decent MCAT why not right? Wont ever know if you don’t try.
  5. No, as they only get the grades from the OMSAS deadline. Otherwise they’d have to recalculate everyone’s GPa.
  6. Many people do research outside of Queens, either during the year or summer, or both. Indeed, especially for smaller specialties, people find a way to do research with people from another institution they are interested in (whether that's with staff, resident, or a staff's coordinators).
  7. A few others in my class and I got the offer the day before the OMSAS deadline, but idk what happened with other years. Food for thought I suppose. Congrats regardless!
  8. Likewise. The journey can be a long one, you will hear it’s a marathon not a sprint many times. I applied 5 times, interviewed twice at queens. Life keeps moving forward and so you must as well. For those who truly want it, you can and will find a way. But it does take sacrifice, grit, and time to go through this process. Remember this path is not the only path in life, so don’t let it define you. Best of luck tomorrow.
  9. Why not just do fellowship there? Or see what options are to practice afterwards? Toronto is a big city, Montreal, Vancouver. People do fellowships all the time in big cities (at least surgical)
  10. They’re fairly strict, but you can always email to check with circumstances. I’m sorry to hear about your illness, never an easy thing. Good luck and take care of yourself.
  11. You can still go ham for a speciality but consider other specialties along the way. Meaning do observerships/go to talks about other specialities and be open to the new experiences during clerkship, may change your mind. Plus what you feel as an observer may/will be different as a clerk, which will be different as a resident, etc.
  12. None, don't worry about it til you're in. You will find what you need, only thing most people buy is the small anatomy booklet from upper years to help prep for anatomy labs/bell ringer.
  13. Be yourself, don’t bullshit, its your time to shine, so take your time to give thoughtful answers. Don’t give cookie cutter answers, and keep your cool no matter what happens.
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