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  1. They’re fairly strict, but you can always email to check with circumstances. I’m sorry to hear about your illness, never an easy thing. Good luck and take care of yourself.
  2. You can still go ham for a speciality but consider other specialties along the way. Meaning do observerships/go to talks about other specialities and be open to the new experiences during clerkship, may change your mind. Plus what you feel as an observer may/will be different as a clerk, which will be different as a resident, etc.
  3. None, don't worry about it til you're in. You will find what you need, only thing most people buy is the small anatomy booklet from upper years to help prep for anatomy labs/bell ringer.
  4. Be yourself, don’t bullshit, its your time to shine, so take your time to give thoughtful answers. Don’t give cookie cutter answers, and keep your cool no matter what happens.
  5. Yeah this. The MCAT is definitely good enough for most Canadian schools, so it really has to boil down to your descriptions and references (need STRONG references). GPA is good for most places as well as lots use wGPA, and with that CARS your cGPA for Mac should be fine barring a decent CASPer. Got a whole year to improve, just make sure you start early and have a few eyes take a look.
  6. I agree and something I knew, but it's at least meaningful. I would say my previous work was not meaningful, so there is that major part.
  7. And that’s why I didn’t stay in my job either. Comfortable government job, close to home, but it would be mostly the same day. Felt like max potential was reached relatively early, but medicine, now this brings a smile to my face.
  8. Bruh, this new season though, the weekly anticipation carrying me through clerkship. Need more Levi.
  9. For the last 7 years it’s always been near the end of Jan/ very early Feb. AFAIK they’re on schedule, hold in there.
  10. Nah, they had a 50 year old enter, guy who was CEO of RadioShack. All about the numbers and interview performance. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/nationalpost.com/news/canada/second-act-former-ceo-of-radioshack-now-an-er-doctor-on-frontlines-of-covid-19-fight/wcm/aa4d0187-e5be-4d65-a1e2-c5acd6ac1acf/amp/
  11. It's THE thing to do for NBMEs. If your school does solely in-house (ours just finalized all rotations with in-house), may not need it and can use free resources for learning. It gives practice on applying knowledge though.
  12. Public or occ health at ryerson, 2 years, won’t help you with western tho due to 3/5 rule. I would highly consider job prospects as medicine is never a guarantee. Good luck. Some others have mentioned Athabasca but that’s mostly online which may affect your application to Ottawa and a few others but I’m not too knowledgeable in it. Good luck.
  13. So that pretty much leaves you nursing, which has some subjective marking schemes associated with it. I am not much aware of any other programs, but western or ottawa is only 1 school left out out of many if you choose one of the above two paths.
  14. It does, just can’t write out the main website name on here. Starts with an R and ends with a t. Rhymes with meddit. Interesting story. tldr: had to do an extra year of residency while fighting admin that they weren’t deficient due to one preceptor near the end who went out of their way to try snd fail them, admin never looked at their records stating they were an amazing resident by other preceptors.
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