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  1. It's THE thing to do for NBMEs. If your school does solely in-house (ours just finalized all rotations with in-house), may not need it and can use free resources for learning. It gives practice on applying knowledge though.
  2. Public or occ health at ryerson, 2 years, won’t help you with western tho due to 3/5 rule. I would highly consider job prospects as medicine is never a guarantee. Good luck. Some others have mentioned Athabasca but that’s mostly online which may affect your application to Ottawa and a few others but I’m not too knowledgeable in it. Good luck.
  3. So that pretty much leaves you nursing, which has some subjective marking schemes associated with it. I am not much aware of any other programs, but western or ottawa is only 1 school left out out of many if you choose one of the above two paths.
  4. It does, just can’t write out the main website name on here. Starts with an R and ends with a t. Rhymes with meddit. Interesting story. tldr: had to do an extra year of residency while fighting admin that they weren’t deficient due to one preceptor near the end who went out of their way to try snd fail them, admin never looked at their records stating they were an amazing resident by other preceptors.
  5. on their website https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students/applying/application-process: The Queen’s School of Medicine uses a combined MMI and panel interview in the assessment of qualifying candidates. The goal of using the MMI is to more effectively assess non-cognitive qualities of an applicant, which could include empathy, critical thinking, ethical decision making and communication skills. Selected candidates will be invited to the MMI portion. From the applicants that complete the MMI component, a select number of these candidates will then be invited f
  6. Quality Vs quantity. Granted I filled out all items but I had ++ work experience vs others who had more traditional ++ volunteering and school executive positions. Be as well rounded as possible, with high quality and long term stuff. You don’t need to have a full ABS, just a strong one. If you have a bit of everything but are really strong in one or two things that’s fine (I was this person lol).
  7. We have people in every year who come from non-science backgrounds, so that’s no matter. Just a matter of getting the content down and the critical thinking practice for the passages/CARS. Do what you think will work best for you. I did self study for two different MCATs while working full time, others did a prep course. Prep course may be easier for you if you don’t have the background, just $$$ and time. Best of luck.
  8. They have, and now it has moved to the 2022s CaRMS year. They say it is evidence based to used standardized LORs, as to what the evidence is I haven’t searched for, Sure someone could do a lit review for it hah. So I suppose it is just a delayed issue now, guess we will see how next year pans out.
  9. Yeh they def won’t. There will be interview it’ll either be in person or probably like last year online version. But the Casper youve written no way, that’ll just determine who gets interviews like the other parts of the app.
  10. does this work for surgical specialties as well?
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