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  1. I just checked in the "What's new" file on alberta student aid and it says that the annual limit for 3 terms for DDS is now 37,500 (obviously that must be before grants); last year it was only about 33,000. Thank goodness they increased it! A few questions for anyone who's already applied: Do the ualberta tuition (~22,000) and fees (~12,000) automatically appear in the form? If not, did you just use the numbers from the ualberta website? And what did you put for the program end date, since it doesn't appear yet in the Ualberta calendar? Also, does anyone know if there are any grants availa
  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! This was incredibly reassuring to hear, and I feel so, so much better about going into the program now - you've just majorly improved the rest of my summer . I was super excited even before, but now I can't wait to start!
  3. Thanks blee! That is super helpful! If the loan payments come in increments, does that mean you can pay the UofA in increments as well? Or when are tuition fees due?
  4. When I asked at Student Connect, the person pulled up a file called the "student aid alberta program guide" for 2014/2015 which in one of the sections lists what are called the "higher annual loan limits". For most professional programs (e.g. veterinary, pharmacy, chiropractic, dental hygiene, etc.) it says that the limit for 2 terms in $19,950 and for 3 is $26,600 - so maybe that is what the person you talked to was referring to? For dentistry/medicine, according to the guide, it says $19,950 for 2 terms, or $33,250 for 3 terms. Although it would definitely be good to confirm these numbers wi
  5. Hi! I was wondering, would anyone be willing to share some basic info on what the UofA DDS program is like? e.g. What is the typical class schedule? Is it 9-5 everyday, or is there some variability? What types of assignments do we get for the classes? Are the classes graded, or are they pass/fail? Also, when do we get our class schedule, and is it set or do we get some choice? That type of thing... Thanks in advance to anyone who replies! It's super helpful for us nervous first years
  6. So I went in last week to talk to someone from Student Connect, and I found out that the maximum possible funding you can obtain from student loans is about $20,000 for a two-term DDS program, or about $33,000 for a three-term DDS program (which I think is what the UofA is). I'm not 100% sure that this is accurate, but this is what I was told. The woman also mentioned that these numbers might go up for 2015/2016 (*finger crossed*).
  7. I was wondering if anyone would share their experiences with getting Alberta students loans and/or Canada student loans for the UofA DDS program? Specifically, about how much of the tuition/fees (which total about $35,000/year I think) was covered? And how difficult was the application and funding process? I'd really appreciate any information anyone can give, so I can start planning accordingly. Thanks!
  8. I'm sorry that it didn't go well! I'm not sure that I have any real advice to give, but what I did for prep was essentially just endless practice. From the day I found out I got interviews, I spent at least 2h/day (and about 5h/day the last few before the interviews) doing practice questions. I went through ~150+ by the end. For almost every one, I recorded my answer using an app (if you have Apple, just type in "MMI" in the Apps Store) and then listened to myself. I got the practice Qs from numerous sources, incl. the internet and several books, but by far the most useful (for me at least) wa
  9. That definitely makes more sense if they calculate GPA as A+ = 5, A = 4, etc. I wish they would be more transparent about exactly how everything is calculated... And hey, just curious, did anyone else notice that one number in their score is blue? In my email, the "9" in the 39 is blue, even though the rest of the email is black.
  10. You just take your score for each section and multiple it by what it is weighted. Overall score = (GPA/4.0)*50 + (DAT/90)*25 + (interview/49)*25 = ___/100 There has been some debate about whether this is actually how the UofA calculates the GPA score (it is also possible that they determine the GPA based on actual grades, e.g. A+ > A) but I think this is about the best we can do, since we don't actually know
  11. Finally got it! GPA: 4.0 DAT: 68 Interview: 39 Overall: 88.79
  12. I'm pretty sure that that is the right email. And I remember that they said you have to email from your ualberta account.
  13. Since the UofA interview scores should *hopefully* be available starting tomorrow, I though I'd start a discussion to share stats (I saw that there is already a general one about the interviews, but this can be primarily for pure stats/scores). Please reply using this template: GPA: DAT Score (/90): Interview Score (/49): Overall Score (/100; only include if desired): Good luck everyone!
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