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  1. My friend is on the dal PT waitlist. Does anyone know how much the dal PT waitlist moves?
  2. ANATOMY 1010 was easy! I recommend it too ! Open book tests and assignments !
  3. I wouldn't say OT's primarily work with geriatrics. From what I've observed, they work with people of all ages! You could be a Pediatric OT, community OT, stroke OT, hand therapist, etc! There are so many options to work with all different kinds of People. And I agree with the post above that OT's focus on function and safety !
  4. Hey! Have you joined the Facebook group ? That's probably a good way to find a roommate as for housing, I haven't started to really look yet!
  5. Hey! My OT official letter of admission that came from grad studies came via email. I just got it last week and I was accepted on April 20th. So it takes some time
  6. No one has posted anything as of yet. So maybe they haven't started going down the list as of yet ! Stay positive
  7. Being bilingual would make you super employable. Sounds like you're excited about the Ottawa school. Do what you think is best for you congrats on having two options ! Both schools are great.
  8. I would just go with your gut! Really all the schools are great, I don't think you can go wrong. Maybe do some research on the schools and see where you think you fit best! You should accept dal incase the waitlists don't move though! Good luck !
  9. I would think second and middle are the same ??? But there must be some sort of difference, otherwise they would have used the same Vocabulary .... Right ? I'm so confused. My email was from a Melanie
  10. Oh why is this so confusing. Your email said middle third ? ????????????
  11. Huge shout out to people who got into their top choice or received an acceptance to an Ontario school. The rejection letters said that only the highly qualified applicants were offered a seat. So congrats on all of your hard work paying off!
  12. I applied to OT and I didn't get it either ! I wonder when we will get it! It would be nice to know if we have a shot at Western !
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