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  1. Appears as if this chart assumes people are applying exclusively within their own province only. However, many universities don't have a preference for IP/OOP thus Ontario for example is over estimated.
  2. Know everything. PCTH is notorious for testing the small details. Esp. Horne and Karim. Walker and Pang only test overview... while the other visiting profs have random but reasonable questions. Overall, just study everything... you won't regret it. For the term 1 stuff, know the big topics in detail (the ones with multiple days of class time and general core pcth concepts like pharmacodynamics/kinetics, autonomic NS etc.) while an overview of the other topics was fine in the year I took it. Good luck.
  3. Most of my effort is on working a full-time job + 10hr/wk partime job. All other energy is on trying to get physically fit. I have no time to even think about decisions... which is for the best haha
  4. TIME STAMP: 11:17am Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): 86 MCAT: 508 ECs: 2 clinical research projects both published 1st author (1 in a high IF journal, the other in meh). International conferences for both and won 1st place in one of the conferences - multiple other small time presentations for these projects 6 years+ patient visiting hospital volunteering (800hrs) 2 years peer mentoring volunteering 2 weeks hands on volunteer trip to 3rd world country 1 month volunteer trip to other 3rd world country
  5. Yeah, I just saw that when I looked into the school. Unfortunately one of my years is below that so looks like I'll only be be applying to UBC, U of T and Queens. Appreciate the point Looks like I don't meet Dal's GPA requirements anyway, but appreciate the input. Ah, sorry I mixed up cGPA with wGPA! My cGPA is the one I've listed as "OMSAS GPA" (3.70) and my U of T wGPA is 3.86. I think my 2 year queens gpa is lower than my overall everything combined as I don't have a positive trend in my gpa. So I would be applying to Queens with the 3.70 and U of T with a
  6. I hadn't considered Calgary and Dal - will look into them. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Hey all, I'm 1 year out of my undergrad and would appreciate feedback on where to apply. I'm IP for BC so will apply to UBC for sure and U of T. UBC avg: 86.4 OMSAS GPA: 3.70 U of T wGPA: 3.86 MCAT: 508 (130/127/126/125) Activities:Clinical volunteering- hospital patient visiting: 5 years (ongoing) ~ 700 hours- patient visiting in a different hospital: 1 year ~ 100 hoursNon-clinical volunteering- Academic mentoring: 2 year ~ 220 hours- 2 other minor leadership things ~ 30 hours eachEmployment- by my university to teach 1st year phys as a tutor (and supervise 7 other
  8. you can do integrated sciences and integrate pcth and caps - this allows you take the core courses from both programs while not having to take the labs in either program (saving you a lot of time and allowing you to take on more ECs in both 3rd and 4th year). There's a lot of flexibility with the program you set and it can pay off quite well. This was my major so feel free to pm me if you have any questions
  9. Hey guys, I figured I'd post in this thread instead of making a new one since I'm looking for the exact same thing... I'm a Canadian that just finished his 3rd year at UBC and am applying to a few schools and would love some input with regards to my school list Here are my stats: **** Academics I don't know what my gpa is for US schools but I'd imagine it's something very similar to the OMSAS gpa Cumulative UBC Average to date: 85.6% OMSAS: 1st year gpa: 3.73 2nd year gpa: 3.92 3rd year gpa: 3.50 cgpa: 3.72 My 3rd year average was 82% but it translates to a 3.50 even though i
  10. Hey guys, thought I would finally post my stats. I just finished 3rd year and will be applying this cycle to some medschools. I'm applying to UBC and possibly Queens, Western and U of T (I have to call Western to see if I'm considered IP) Academics Cumulative UBC Average to date: 85.6% OMSAS: 1st year gpa: 3.73 2nd year gpa: 3.92 3rd year gpa: 3.50 cgpa: 3.72 My 3rd year average was 82% but it translates to a 3.50 even though it's an A- average. I had some serious family issues this year so I'll state them but don't expect to bank on them as a excuse. Extracurriculars (all in univer
  11. Is the conversion done course by course and then averaged after the conversion; same as OMSAS?
  12. Thanks for your response bruhh, I appreciate it. I'll look into reviewing for CASPer closer towards summer, for now I suppose I should just try and be competitive for other schools.
  13. thinking about applying this cycle: - considered IP; 4th year UG - omsas GPA: 3.83 - (2nd attempt) MCAT: 12(PS), 9(VR), 14(BS) - (1st attempt) MCAT: 9(PS), 8(VR), 9(BS) hoping to do well on casper.... what do you guys think?
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