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  1. McGill Med class of 2020 here. I would be careful with pressing the adcom on this too much. I understand this is an important position, but there are people dying from COVID right now, and some members of the adcom are physicians who are very much on the frontlines of this pandemic on a daily basis. I don't think there's any chance they will take the risk to expose standardized patients, evaluators and candidates (that's a lot of people!) to the virus. Also keep in mind that the residents and attending involved in MMIs are very much needed in the hospital right now and can't afford to qua
  2. It was briefly on youtube but the Faculty pulled it, unclear why.
  3. From the Carms 2019 match report: 157 unmatched after 1st iteration 31 unmatched after 2nd iteration So, stable I guess. I know McGill cut its unmatched rate by a lot compared to last year, but official numbers are still not out.
  4. Thank you for your answers! Can hardly figure out why, but nonetheless super happy that I matched
  5. Hi all! Quick question about the match algorithm: Suppose that: I ranked program X 1st I ranked program Y 2nd I matched to program Y Program X has an unfilled spot after 1st iteration Does that mean program X did not rank me?
  6. heard the total is 150 across canada and distributed evenly but for each school I don't think the numbers are officially out.
  7. One more thing to keep in mind: all residency programs (except maybe pathology?) have night calls because you end up doing a lot of off-service rotations in different specialties. This means family medicine has night calls in OB/GYN, internal medicine and ER for example.
  8. So 24 hour calls are not allowed in Quebec (unlike out west where I have indeed done them while on electives.) Generally you have the day off and night call will start anytime between 19:00 and 23:00. it will end around 8-9 am the following day and you get the rest of the day off. For night calls: Ob/GYN: 1 week of nights and 1 week of evenings during a 4-week rotation. In addition, you have two weeks of outpatient OB/GYN for which there are no calls. Peds: ~7-9 evening shifts over 14 days including 1-2 night shifts as described above. Evening was like 16:00 to roughly 23:00 if
  9. Hello! Med 4 here. This is highly rotation/site dependent so it is a bit hard to answer. In general I found OB/GYN and ER had the most nights (like probably 4-7 calls over 4-6 wks.) Peds probably the most evenings (2 weeks of it) and other rotations like surgery and internal medicine have usually 2-4 days of weekend calls and 1-2 night calls over the course of 6 wks. Psych has no nights but some ER evening shifts. Fam med and geriatrics occasionally have day calls on the weekend but no evenings or nights. Electives are highly specialty dependent of course. Of note, calls are never at home
  10. Saw you were applying for OBS there? I’m doing Regina first then Sask. I drove between Regina and Saskatoon this summer to get a feel for it and it seemed to be the most reasonable option (weather permitting.) Happy to share a rental car with you!
  11. I have received notifications from mcgill on the portal, to answer your question!
  12. I appreciate where you’re coming from and I’ll be the first to tell you that Quebec people sometimes overreact about French (this is coming from a native French speaker.) But really to most people in Quebec it would be unacceptable for someone to come to Montreal and not be able to communicate in French with their patients. Imagine if your loved one was hospitalized somewhere where their doctor spoke only a different language. Would you feel safe for them? Also, perhaps 15% of McGill patients are uninlingual French, one could argue that’s “quite a small fraction,” but you really need to think
  13. From what I understood, they’re an important part of the interview process and you are pretty much expected to go (unless you can’t physically make it.)
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