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  1. anyone know how long the waitlist is?? also, do they let you know where you are on the waitlist if you email them?
  2. Are there any OOP planning on dropping their spot or waiting for results elsewhere?
  3. If you can afford it, go to the US.
  4. And if you don't mind posting the timestamp? Mine is 4:22 EST
  5. Soooooo....... who else that is OOP got an email from Kiran saying they're waitlisted today?
  6. personally I believe short and sweet is better than long and rambling. If there is no option for appropriate length and articulate, that is.
  7. hahahaha yeah i think something like that happened to me too the whole thing is a blur
  8. no........? but i think it's just the interviewer's personality. Try not to dwell on it! it is all done. go and live life!!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh no wait nvm im dumb. it says medical sciences building lol
  10. So how come they didn't actually say which building to come to? I mean I assume the dentistry building but it doesn't actually say that anywhere in the document.
  11. how do you know you didn't get into UBC? have they sent out rejections or are you assuming? and yes moving to get IP would increase your chances.
  12. congrats! haha I know the OOP who dropped the interview spot. I'll thank her for you. LOL
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