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  1. Are there any opportunities for 5-year residents? I have 84K in OSAP loans (8k provincial, rest federal). My payments start November and 3.45% interest is accruing on my provincial component right now ($0.84/d) - which is not bad compared to my LOC ($6/d). Just wondering if there is anything I can be doing? Or it seems like when I start making that residency salary to start making my mandatory payments?
  2. What province are you? I have registered but no payments yet, I cant find on their website when it says payments come out for either monthly or annual..?
  3. Hello, I am starting residency in July and now am trying to budget for paying off student loans and I have a few questions: 1. Ive heard interest Canada portion of student loans has been put on hold until 2023. I read this in a previous article but cant seem to find it anymore. I cant find anything on the government website. My NSLSC shows 0% right now for the Canada portion. Do we still start paying our balance 6 months from medical school graduation? 2. Since the Ontario portion is still prime + 1, I am wondering if I would be able to pay off that first prior to interest accum
  4. I spoke to like a dozen lol between different banks. I was looking for the best rates essentially between the different banks, both BMO and TD offering pretty competitive rates on 5-year mortgages. For example BMO offered me 2.07 fixed and 1.20 variable, TD offered 2.12 and 1.25.
  5. I am looking into mortgages for a 5-year residency with my partner. We are both going 50/50 and I plan to use my LOC for my DP. spoke to a mortgage specialist from TD who says they do this all the time, no questions asked usually. So seems it’s possible to get a mortgage using 50% of DP from LOC. I’m looking at around 400-500K mortgage in my city.
  6. Accepted to a surgical residency program and this has frequently crossed my mind. I had bought a pair of glasses a few years ago for medical school but they slip down my nose in the OR. Thus, I am searching for a nice metal frame brand that are both stylish and comfortable in the OR (have to look stylish while operating!). Anyone have recommendations for metal frame glasses?! I should stop wearing my contacts so frequently
  7. Think this depends on the specialty and your location. Generally smaller surgical specialties put more weight on references letters from within the department. Of course this is not always possible and that’s fine. let’s say you are doing urology electives and you are in a bigger academic centre, think it would look odd if you didn’t have 3 LORs from urology and it may suggest that you are “backing up” with something else and may raise questions. This is just the way it seems to be in these smaller surgical programs where people talk. take my advice with a grain of salt, bu
  8. I heard it is absolutely key to refresh the results page at 11:58 am EST on the nose.
  9. Feel like it would just make more sense to get a notification on CARMS by a certain time, instead of waiting around to not hear from your school and hoping you matched lol
  10. Cant comment on QBANK tho, I've been doing UWorld and averaging 75% on first pass. Hope thats good enough lol.
  11. Youll be fine, have heard its a pretty easy exam to pass. Dont fret, keep studying daily for a few hours and do your best.
  12. Think this depends on the specialty. Considering all things this year I have the belief that it will probably matter less so at your home institution but more so at others schools. For example a smaller program at your home institution this year where you did 8-weeks of electives. The interview will probably matter less in this regard, whereas other schools have no idea who you are and thus to be ranked highly there (above the schools own candidates) will require excellent LORs and a excellent interview (assuming the students at their own institution are either great candidates or maybe r
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