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  1. In my opinion, you are in the clear. Firstly, they don't say anything about it being unique jobs. Secondly, the work may be the same, but if your job required you to have multiple supervisors then they will have different opinions of you, and the the different supervisors were probably incharge of different projects (?). Thirdly, I did the same thing and it was not a problem (eventhough I was a research student for the same group of researchers, it was two very separate projects). Just remember: references are literally the college's last attempt to exclude people who are just not suitable
  2. My interpretation of "Referees Umust have supervisedU you either as a research supervisor or have been your immediate supervisor in a volunteer role or employment capacity." excludes a professor you knew in in the capacity of a 'professor' or 'lecturer.' If you also did research for them, then that would be fine. Additionally, you can email the CoM and they can give you more guidance. Though, this may be one of those things that is so straightforward that they may just reply to the email with a caption of the applicant manual.
  3. The answer is still the same: only if they were your supervisor is it okay. To answer your question abiut extracirricular... same concept. Just ask yourself if you were an employer who asked for a reference of someone who supervised the applicant, would you accept your example? While I don't agree with the way UofS med handles acceptances etc, I think they did a bang up job outlining what they want out of their applicants. I would just stick to what is written in the manual.
  4. The term cutoff is a misnomer in this context. Its more of a 'where do you fair against your competition.' I think the only 'cutoff' Sask has is people need to be a total of 30. If you are under 30, your file is rejected and this is true of a lot of schools. Beyond that, they will just rank you and they know that they will want to interview X amount of people. In theory all they need to do is copy all the applicants (OOP) with their MCAT scores (who have the other hard pre-reqs like average of 83% and a degree/last year of degree) into an excel file and sort highest to lowest. You get an inter
  5. The source for this years numbers is the email sent for interview invites. This year and possibly next year the mcat cumulative should be lower due to all the changes in the admissions process.
  6. They take 24 hours to process before sending the email. Expect one Monday mid-day.
  7. I'm writing in sept and the job is not really an option. Gotta pay the bills Hoping evenings and weekends will be enough. If I don't feel completely ready then I'll write it next cycle. Obviously the position we are in is not --completely-- by choice, but gotta work with what you got.
  8. Who said I was staying sane? I chew off my coworkers ears every day about this. And I must've set off some alarms at my workplace for refreshing this webpage and the com website repeatedly. Studying for the mcat during this wait is also it's own kind of hell.
  9. Yeah, I'm quite disappointed in how Sask has been handling admissions. There's really not much reason to the secrecy. Also the insistence on not changing how they handle admissions even though there is a stark difference this year is quite annoying.
  10. He meant he had June 8th to respond I.e 7 days. I think they lower how long people have to respond as time progresses. 14 days for the initial batch, and now 7 days.
  11. Didn't think most places did that unless they planned in cutting the waitlist down to 2-3 people. I doubt sask doing that because they wouldn't know how many of the 10 they really really want are going to turn face if they get accepted elsewhere. If I had to guess, they won't do anything until mid Aug.
  12. It really is of no consequence. The only thing that would matter is if somehow everyone on the waitlist makes it which is not a possibility. There were 8(?) people just on this forum who said they would take the spot. No way this year will be like the previous.
  13. Qft. Though honestly, I've been driving myself nuts too. I'm sure almost everyone who intends on accepting is putting themselves through the same mental torture.
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