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  1. Hahaha I am at McMaster, we have no homework I have the details of the case, I just don’t think it’s obvious so I wanted to see if others got it.
  2. You will have to do well no matter what, but your stats are good. If you do well in CASPR, you have a shot (bearing in mind that it depends on the competition as well). Impossible to say how well!
  3. Awesome! Thank you both for your advice! This helps a lot in structuring my mind-set going in One other thing. I realize we will have our schedules next week sometime, but what does a typical day and week look like for you?
  4. Hello All, I was wondering if current MAC students could shed some light on how the curriculum works? For example, MF1 is oxygen and blood supply. In this roughly 3 month block, do we learn, the physiology, anatomy and then pathology of these systems, along with associated drugs, etc? Or does pathology come later? Also, what do you think are some good tips in handling the curriculum for new students. I am not particularly worried about the PBL aspect, but anything else would be interesting to know.
  5. I have "Concise Histology" by Leslie Gartner. Its a decent book, high yield info.
  6. I received a confirmation for my BLS but haven't submitted the other two yet. I submitted mine via email and got a response the next day.
  7. Nope!! Not here either, I heard it will go out at the beginning of June
  8. I scanned mine and emailed, and got a reply almost immediately. If you are nervous, I would just send a scanned copy of your confirmation form, you are allowed to do that.
  9. I am looking for some good high yield information textbooks. I am not looking for rapid review necessarily, but textbooks that are not full of unnecessary info. Anyone have any suggestions in the following topics: -Physiology -biochemistry -anatomy -pharmacology -pathophysiology Thanks in advance all!
  10. I just accepted McMaster's offer and refused my seat at Memorial so a seat on the New Brunswick waitlist should open up soon
  11. Accepted to Waterloo campus! (First choice) Timestamp: 8:32 GPA: 3.69 Masters GPA: 3.9 CARS 129 OOP! Interview: Felt great, a few stations I classified as "shaky" I think I am going to choose MAC over mun but still thinking..
  12. I would just try to write the whole thing honestly. Its better to take your time and do your best the first time then go through rewriting and explaining. If you are concerned about learning the material, check out https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/mcat for free study materials and practice. Like you, I did a BA (philosophy for me) so I taught myself much of the science required and I was just accepted to MUN so Its definitely possible.
  13. Hey, I am an OOP applicant and I interviewed this year, just waiting for the final 3 days to get my results! My GPA wasn't amazing as an OOP, 3.69. So if you can get your GPA up to something like a 3.7, it shouldn't hold you back, even as an OOP. I scored a 129 on my CARS section and so if you do well, you should be okay. The CASPR is the only other variable. Practice a lot, as it is as important as your GPA and MCAT for interview selections. The only thing different with my case is I have a masters, which gives me a 1% boost on my pre-interview score. Overall, there is a lot of hope for
  14. I was accepted to a bunch of law schools this year, so if I didn't succeed in getting into med this year, law would have been the future.
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