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  1. a job/carms interview is not a therapy session. Its really not appropriate to spill your dark secrets/past trauma in those situations, nothing to do with how you think "empathy is only lip service".
  2. so they simultaneously have too many students at once while also not having enough to spread out the call frequency evenly. fuckinglol
  3. the job market is shit for ALL surgical specialities in canada.
  4. No, the ones I listed have essentially 1 spot for every 1 person putting them as their 1st rank discipline. How is that hyper competitive? plastics, derm, emerg, and optho are "hyper competitive". Everything else is either not competitive or just regular. No need for hyperbole.
  5. lol ortho is not "hyper competitive" in canada. Look at the stats from last year, it was less competitive than peds, anesthesia, neurology, among others. And just under psych in terms of competitiveness. Middle of the road.
  6. https://www.carms.ca/pdfs/5drz57PbwqT_R1_1_OverviewByDiscipline_EN.pdf what an absolutely brutal match...almost no IM or psych spots in round 2. Good luck to those that are going through it!
  7. why would they share it with other programs? And why would those other programs ask for it? If those programs wanted it, they would have put it as one of their requirements.
  8. OH SHIT unmatch day is tomorrow, good luck everyone GG hopefully no re for anyone
  9. for some reason people tend to falsely equate introverts with socially awkward people. As long as you work well with others being an introvert is totally fine. And yes, you can be "extroverted" and be terribly socially. Those people are even worse because they tend to be obnoxious/annoying instead of just awkward.
  10. "I am still waiting to hear back from other programs, what is the deadline for responding"
  11. can you, though? Wouldnt you be reprimanded by the college for offering/using treatments without any evidence?
  12. well duh, what else besides your application and interview results in an admission lmao
  13. what? he clearly says in his other post on premed101 he cant attend the interview because its on the sabbath, which is every week. Theres no indication in his post that theres anything particularly special about that weekend.
  14. honest question, are you just not ever going to work on a saturday during med school/residency? Like if they put you on call that day and no one else can cover, what are you going to do?
  15. bruh just airbnb, its literally half the price of a hotel and just as good (better in a lot of ways tbh)
  16. im guessing it has more to do with compiling/finalizing those fancy match reports that takes 2 weeks, not the actual algorithim running. But then they could just tell us our match result and then get the reports 2 weeks later, im sure no one would care lol
  17. I mean its a computer program, theres no "easy" or 'hard" run since theyre just pressing a button...unless you feel bad for the computer? Reminds of the scene in The Office when Michael Scott asks the accountant (who just told him the michael scott paper company was bankrupt) to "crunch those numbers again". And then he just stares at him and says "its an excel spreadsheet, theres really no calculations im doing..."
  18. welp, thats it. applicant ROL deadline past, program ROL deadline past last week. CaRMS is probably warming up the algorithim as we speak. See everyone on the other side
  19. you have to apply to be able to rank it. Only the programs you applied to show up as options on your rank order list page.
  20. still says something if the program is not high on ANYONES list...
  21. like all specialities, I assume it goes relevant research > non-relevant research > no research.
  22. well, I suppose the downside is you have to go to a program that is presumably so bad that not a single person who interviewed wanted to go there lol. But I guess thats better than not matching at all?
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