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  1. They hand them out when your school year starts! So it depends on the school really.
  2. Accepted off the IP waitlist! GPA: 3.9/4.0 MCAT: 27 (8,8,10) ECs: Lots of various things; Leader of the Bladder Cancer Canada Halifax Events Group; long-time volunteer at the Canadian Cancer Society; Lots and lots and lots of undergrad research and a few awards; conference attendance and presentations; diverse job portfolio (worked as a solar technician for a while, medical research, and grocery store clerk haha) etc etc. Interview: Read Doing Right and took a free prep seminar course offered at Dal. If anything, take a course like that just to get used to talking with stranger
  3. Yeah I agree 100%. That average could still exist even if the minimum acceptance was really low. Hard to gauge for sure....
  4. IP(NS) waitlist with a score of 72.92. Congrats to those accepted, hopefully the waitlist gods will let me join you.
  5. Waitlisted IP with a score of 72.92
  6. Same here. Fingers crossed that since we seem to be a "rare breed", it represents something good! hahaha
  7. Definitely not .... Last thing we were talking about was how badly we wanted the letters to come out this week haha
  8. Starting this since the original one is gone now?
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