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  1. McGill clerkship activities suspended from March 16th - 29th inclusive.
  2. Hi MGN. Current student, here. I looked at what was online in terms of documents for your program. You don't have to provide any sort of proof of your level of proficiency in French, so I don't think they can hold you to that. The issue is what you mean by an "English site". At the McGill hospital sites you'll be able to speak with staff in English and chart in English, but I would say that half of the patients I see are francophone. I have friends who started the program with little to no French and they've been going to courses every Saturday morning that are organized by McGill. They are st
  3. I ended up taking courses at Athabasca. I found the whole thing to be very well organized. I ended up dropping the classes before finishing them since I was accepted at another university. More $$$ down the drain...
  4. I just received a rejection, but thankfully I had another offer on the table. Good luck to the rest of you!
  5. Timestamp: 9:17 am EST Result: Waitlisted Congrats to those accepted!
  6. Mine too, but OP's CARS score is off the hook. They might be at the top of the list. If they're entering results in one-by-one, it will take some time.
  7. I'm in shock. Admitted with condition. Time to drop my English courses at Athabasca that I was doing for UBC and watch playoff hockey instead. Yes!!!
  8. Comments about how you need to find a backup plan and not live life waiting for your med school admission I think are valid, but might be tougher pills to swallow coming from people who have already gotten into med; I'll give my opinion as someone who hasn't gotten in yet. This is my 3rd application cycle. I've been waitlisted the last two years. I've also been unemployed for the last year and a half. I'm old, and because of this I put a lot of pressure on myself since I don't have oodles of time to wait around for an acceptance. Yes, it's really hard to be this close to your goal and not make
  9. I'm still hopeful that I might get an invite. I haven't seen a single person who posted in the interview invite/reject thread say they have a doctorate. At any rate, we'll know next week.
  10. Nope. That question was asked and they wouldn't give specifics.
  11. They're working on it. I got a message yesterday asking for me to resend it since the scan wasn't as clear as they would have liked. As long as you submitted before the deadline, you're fine.
  12. Just heard back. Still in review. Glad to hear it since I had to book my flight for UBC from the east coast and booked a stopover in Calgary for the first MMI weekend on the way back. Fingers crossed I won't be just sightseeing in Calgary in February...
  13. Well, that's a relief. To me, blank means empty. At any rate, it was worrisome to have "Graduate form not received" when I didn't have to submit one in the first place since I already have my graduate degree.
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