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  1. Hi TGA! You seem very motivated and passionate about your goal, that is in my opinion very significant on it's own. The journey may seem long and hard at times, but your motivation and passion will be there to give you that push and hope when you need it. As mentioned, as you go through your years you realize the study methods that work best for you; I don't think there is a golden method of studying. I would say don't get caught up on finding the most efficient ("perfect") way of studying, it may get you overwhelmed and exhausted, rather try experimenting what works best for you and you may
  2. Thank you Belle_RN! You are right! UOttawa confirmed that if I have already graduated and taking a 5th year (with no prerequisite courses in my 5th year) then the minimum wGPA condition does not apply to me.
  3. Hi everyone! Here is a dilemma: If you have already completed your undergraduate degree with all the Ottawa prerequisite courses, and then take a 5th year only part-time (not full course load, with brutal courses) does that 5th year count if you are offered admission (so post interview)? The website says you have to maintain the minimum wGPA and that the admission is conditional, but how would that work if I'm not full-time and taking courses outside of a degree program? Anyone have experinces with this? Many thanks for you help everyone.
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