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  1. Hi all! I'm starting a Radiation Therapy program at Michener next year but I still want to keep my dream of med alive. However, since it's a specialized program, I can pretty much only register for McMaster. However, I'm a bit confused about the application requirements. The courses I will take are here: https://my.michener.ca/forms/ModelRoute2015RTH.pdf However, it's a program that goes full time; it starts this September and continues even during the summer for 8 semesters straight (Fall/Winter/Summer). There's a mix of marked and pass/fail courses (which I assume will be enough for
  2. I think I've got to do more research because I didn't know paper would be provided. I thought I'd have to bring in a little notebook or something. I'm more worried about the interviewer's perception of me using the paper; maybe he'll view it poorly or something. And thank you! I'm nervous and scared, but excited.
  3. Thank you It was actually a big deal getting it (I'm not going to go into the whole ADHD cycle of inadequacy thing, that's another story in itself). I actually just want a piece of paper or a notebook that will help me organize my thoughts. However, I myself hate when people use notes for a presentation and I feel like using paper for an MMI might be frowned upon, especially by the interviewers. I completely understand. I know that ADHD is still something that many people cannot comprehend and feel that the accommodation that I get and use are giving me an advantage that they
  4. 'Tis me again (I feel like Premed101 should have the RES feature where you tag people because I'll be 'ADHD kid', but I digress). I've looked around Premed101, but there doesn't seem to be an appropriate place to put this otherwise, so I'll put it here. I've been asked for a MMI at the Michener Institute for Radiation Therapy, and it's in 2 weeks. I've gone over some questions with a friend (I wonder if he'll see this), but every single time we've done a question, it's similar to how I write my essays without computer accommodation; my thoughts bounce from one thing to another and it does
  5. In terms of the meds, it seems like the other way aroudn for me. I skip breakfast as part of intermittent fasting, but it seems like the drugs wear off sooner. I usually have to use a coffee to boost its effects. I'm still looking for a place to consistently study, but the library cubicles seem to work. I tend to overthink answers and it's actually the written ones where I do better on; anyone got any advice how to stop overthinking things?
  6. I'm currently on meds, and started exercising regularly last week. I'm getting accommodations through my school's disability services, and marks have gone up since my diagnosis. First two years: 72% whereas third year (total) was 76%. First semester prediagnosis is about a 72-73, whereas post-diagnosis second semester is close to an 80%. However, marks still have been fluctuating a bit and things within school has been rocky in terms of emotions and whatnot, so definitely affecting things.
  7. I've been doing better. First/second year had about an average of 2.7 (each year), whereas in third year it jumped to 3.0-3.3. It's not at the 3.7 mark this year (I'm in fourth year), but I'm trying to get that 3.7. I'm probably going to take another year. I've also applied to other programs, where hopefully I'll get that 3.7 as well.
  8. I've used them since my first year, and stop using them recently since I got a better hang of what I was doing, as well it should open spots to students who need it, since I've already gotten 3 years of advice. Been using Pomodoro, and it's great, but still manage to get sucked off track sometimes. My agenda is my life; plan everything with it and if something comes up, it's in there or else it's not happening.
  9. Thank you! I've been looking for tips and other things to help boost my marks, thank you
  10. Any PreMed-ers here have ADHD? I was diagnosed with it during third year and I feel like this has screwed up any chance of getting into medical school. My grades from first to beginning for third year are crap, and because of that no research experience could be gained. Any tips/advice that you may have?
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