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  1. The school will be emailing us soon about course registration, which takes place on July 20th - that's when we'll be able to confirm our enrollment, choose electives, etc. etc.
  2. I just recently applied for an RBC LOC, which is very comparable to the Scotiabank. Having gone through the painful process of applying at almost all major banks last year for an American school (only to be turned down because I didn't have strong enough cosigners) - RBC really impressed me with their pay-back plan and customer service. There's always government student loans through SIAMS (http://www.studentaid.alberta.ca/) as well - benefit with these is that there is no interest/payments while we're in school. Quite honestly, it's smart to apply for both. Here's a good structure: - Use
  3. I cannot believe I actually get to post this - after years of doubting myself as a non-trad, the hard work has finally paid off. Accepted off the waitlist (May 29th, 1:41pm MST) 4th year IP - BA, MSc completed GPA: 3.78 MCAT: 27 ECs: extensive, long-term, and personal. Interview: went very well - definitely my strong point.
  4. Accepted off the waitlist!!! Timestamp: 1:41pm MST
  5. I just called - they are still giving out more offers today!
  6. I called MD Admissions - they told me that they can't divulge how many are on each waitlist, but that the waitlists are 'proportional' to the size of each applicant pool. So.. that doesn't say much.
  7. I'm curious as to how many people are on each respective waitlist. I remember Dr. Moreau mentioning something about ~60 on the wait-list, but I can't recall what pool that was for.
  8. Hello everyone, Just getting this started! Can anyone speak to rough/estimate numbers for the various wait-list pools? Personally, I'm in the 4-year In-Province pool.
  9. EC's are worth 30%. https://www.med.ualberta.ca/programs/md/admissions/applying/selection-process
  10. I'm thinking that is going to be the case as well. It was 162 last year, but it will be 167 this year as announced on Interview weekend.
  11. I'm wondering what you all think. I'm assuming that this is how the final admissions process works: we are all given a final score out of 100 based on all components, then the top 167 are given offers + the 'x' number of those that were just shy of the top 167 mark receive wait-list notifications. Given that once we get to the interview stage, we're all *relatively* similar in competitiveness, how narrow or broad of a range do you think the final scores are for those admitted?
  12. I have a couple of questions about all this business, because now I'm worried after reading these last few pages! After completing station 9/10 in the MMI, a couple of the guys beside me were essentially cheering (albeit, so were a couple of the first-year group-leaders), and one of them came in for a high-five - well, I got caught up and couldn't leave the guy hanging - so I high-fived him back. A first-year hall-monitor turned around (she was at the end of the adjacent hall-way) and sternly told us "Just so you guys know, there's still one more station!!" As well - I was a few minu
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