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  1. Based on my anecdotal evidence, This definitely happened. It also seems that the schools in bigger cities faired better in the match vs others.
  2. Omfg those dreams fuckkkk me right up. Or like thinking you forgot to do an assignment and that you’re gonna fail if you don’t hand it in and you wake up frantically checking your phone aaahhh man. This time of purgatory is slowly killing me inside
  3. anyone have some fun nightmares? One of mine I forgot to submit my rank list so it autodrafted like in fantasy basketball and then a follow up dream I couldn't login to CaRMS to check if my ROL had submitted or not Another one I got my match results and it was like for a different person and a different specialty and it changed eveyr time I checked.... anyways sleeping REAL great
  4. I can try to help, with the caveat that my cons might be someone else's pros and vice versa. UBC Pros: Great for research, niche specialties, bigger centers, addictions, BC is pretty, multiple sites Cons: bigger program (not sure about much else, didnt apply here) Alberta: dont know much about Calgary Pros: tight knit program, solid child & adolescent (able to do more blocks in it if you're interested in doing a fellowship after), alberta is pretty Cons: 4 blocks of internal med, Alberta's healthcare system is kinda rekt rn Sask: dunno much about
  5. Glad I’m not the only one who felt that way bahahaha
  6. Queen’s psych just released their panel interview offers!!
  7. I talked to Sharon (The PA) and she said they'll be releasing panel invites either Friday afternoon or Monday!! She also runs the undergrad clerkship blocks and the 2022s just started a new block this week soo she said it's hectic..
  8. can we talk about how match day is on 420 and how that can't possibly be a coincidence on CaRMS' end...
  9. Lmaooooo so I emailed and they replied saying they got a large volume of these requests today. Me to me: hmm gee I wonder why ...
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