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  1. U of T - very research heavy (at least it was in 2012 when I applied), they like to pump out nurse researchers / admin; if that's the route you want to take then they're good for that. You get a summer after June, but don't finish until June the year after as well (I think) Mac - is where I went. They were... okay. Great for exposure to PBL (Problem Based Learning), amazing pharm course (like.. we learned more than I did in my entirety of med school), but placements are harder and harder to come by. Also because of PBL you don't get (IMHO) a thorough understanding of patho. Plus, not guar
  2. Def need context for this! Being keen is one thing, but if it's in the context of something like "Great to work with, team player blah blah" then it's fine. Try to look at the whole picture, and from what I've learned, usually 'bad' feedback will be given verbally. You could always reach out to preceptors as well and ask, if you're comfortable. Feel free to PM me, happy to chat
  3. This. SO clutch for imaging lectures and diagrams.
  4. Fellow RN here, also got waitlisted, got off the waitlist though ;). Fingers crossed for you!!! <3 Edit: Actually got the email of getting off of the waitlist while I was at work, on one of the busiest shifts I'd had in a while :).
  5. Cause they just lost their admissions coordinator who was a GEM of a person to another job.
  6. if the 2023's get a pink backpack I WILL BE SO MAD. / trade my blue one. :'(
  7. i couldn't be more proud to welcome you to the qmed family <3
  8. Keep in mind that this includes CURRENT students. A lot of the 2022s are part of that group. The neuroticism doesn't help the wait.. trust me. I know it's a hard wait, believe me, I WAS one of those waiting.
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