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  1. This. SO clutch for imaging lectures and diagrams.
  2. Fellow RN here, also got waitlisted, got off the waitlist though ;). Fingers crossed for you!!! <3 Edit: Actually got the email of getting off of the waitlist while I was at work, on one of the busiest shifts I'd had in a while :).
  3. Cause they just lost their admissions coordinator who was a GEM of a person to another job.
  4. if the 2023's get a pink backpack I WILL BE SO MAD. / trade my blue one. :'(
  5. i couldn't be more proud to welcome you to the qmed family <3
  6. Keep in mind that this includes CURRENT students. A lot of the 2022s are part of that group. The neuroticism doesn't help the wait.. trust me. I know it's a hard wait, believe me, I WAS one of those waiting.
  7. Ooooo I see what you’re saying. That I’m not sure. But the wait list as you see moves fast!
  8. I wish I knew but I have no idea. I think the waitlist is exactly what the person above said. The rest get rejected. It’s just less likely to be posted here.
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