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  1. In the offer letter, it reads: "Since the seat reserved for you is sought by other candidates, we ask that you confirm your decision within seven days from the date of this letter... Should you wish to accept our offer of admission, you are also required to pay a tuition deposit of $1,000.00 within seven days from the date of this letter."
  2. Based on your stats, I'd say you are very likely to get an interview! If you check the entrance statistics for the past 4 years (http://www.dentistry.ubc.ca/dmd/dmd-entrance-statistics), you will notice that you are within range of interviewed applicants.
  3. Would it be within the realm of possibility to add "flairs" similar to what "R3ddit" users experience? Something like signatures, where Premed101 users can have the option to include current school, year, and degree!
  4. If you're starting a Master's program this fall, and anticipate graduating in Summer 2018, then you will gain status as a "Masters" applicant in this cycle. With that in mind, take a look at the posts on the UofT discussions to see the range of GPAs that have been interviewed/offered admission. Doesn't hurt applying to UofT if you fall close to that range, especially if you do a Master's!
  5. As an update to anyone who's deciding between the American and Canadian DAT, University of Toronto has updated their website, saying: "Write either the Canadian or American Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) and arrange for the test results to be forwarded to the Admissions Office. The Academic Average (AA) and Perceptual Ability Test (PAT) scores are part of the admission process." Couple things to keep in mind for those who don't already know: 1. American DAT has 2 additional sections (Organic Chemistry and Quantitative Reasoning), on top of the sections on the Canadian DAT (Biology, General
  6. Who was the person who signed off on the email? For me, it was Catherine.
  7. Did they say anything more? Was it due to the outage or was it due to them not compiling all the scores yet?
  8. page 15 Although, i'm not sure if this is set yet...I think it's still a "plan" Could be years before we see any sort of changes
  9. Do you think a GPR is pretty similar between Canadian cities and between Canada and USA? Not sure if you personally did a GPR, or if you know others who completed a GPR.
  10. Historically, invites and offers have always been made on Fridays @ 5pm...anyways... Accepted GPA: 3.84 (final year of MSc) DAT: 24AA 24PAT
  11. Wow I guess I'll be the third MSc applicant here. Accepted! GPA: 3.84 (final year of MSc) DAT: 24AA 24PAT Interview: pretty bad but good enough?
  12. Do we just show up on any day and say we're a Schulich Dent applicant? Or do we need to register beforehand to attend the tour?
  13. So that means from pre- to post- interview, GPA goes from 9 times the weight of DAT to 6 times the weight of DAT. Shouldn't it be proportional?
  14. Could it be 60% GPA, 10% DAT, 15% interview, 15% personality test? Side question: would it make sense that pre-interview rank is based on 60/70 (85%) GPA, 10/70 (15%) DAT?
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