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    boggie111 got a reaction from scubadancingg in As An Out Of Province Student, Is It Worth Applying?   
    Hey, you can find the essay requirements on Dal's website (http://medicine.dal.ca/content/dam/dalhousie/pdf/faculty/medicine/departments/core-units/admissions/Personal%20Essay%20-%20working%20doc%20-%20website.pdf).
    I wouldn't let the Maritime essay dissuade you from applying to Dal. You have good stats and better than you think ECs. With that being said, it's a holistic evaluation, so while two people may have the same stats/ECs, they will prob be evaluated differently based on their other differences. Nevertheless, I didn't have a strong connection to the Maritimes and I got an interview and eventually got accepted as an OOP. Just be honest with why you want to apply and try  not to write about anything you think they want to hear. I know this is vague and nebulous advice, but it's honestly the best advice you will get.
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    boggie111 got a reaction from scubadancingg in Oop With No Maritime Connections   
    I personally didn't have a strong connection to the Maritimes and was genuine in my essay about it. I focused on what aspects of the Maritimes I found appealing during my visit to Halifax (my connection) and what it would mean for me to practice in this city. I talked about "why Dal" as well in the second half of my essay but the word limit was 500 during my cycle. Best piece of advice I can give is be genuine and read your essay as if you were in the shoes of the admission committee - would you give yourself an interview based on what you wrote?
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    I'm not sure this is the right place to be posting. Most of us are premeds trying to get into medical school.
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    boggie111 got a reaction from yeeewww in Changing Essays year to year   
    The answer to this is something that only the admission committee would know. If you feel that you have a strong essay I’d work on other parts of your application that you feel you could improve more! (I’d also get more people to read your essay for better feedback)
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    boggie111 got a reaction from Bambi in Changing Essays year to year   
    The answer to this is something that only the admission committee would know. If you feel that you have a strong essay I’d work on other parts of your application that you feel you could improve more! (I’d also get more people to read your essay for better feedback)
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    boggie111 reacted to Bambi in Worth it to apply OOP?   
    avocado gave you ideas how to prepare your Essay, reread that post!
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    boggie111 reacted to avocado_toast in Worth it to apply OOP?   
    I would say go for it!
    For OOP applicants, in past years, the interview offers are based on GPA, MCAT, and maritime connection essay. Your GPA and MCAT are competitive for OOP, you just need to write a strong maritime connection essay.
    The admissions committee will be looking at why you are interested in Dalhousie. I would recommend looking at their website and seeing what Dalhousie Medicine has to offer. They have a focus on exposing students to rural medicine, with lots of opportunities like a Family Medicine Trips (where you visit rural Nova Scotia and learn clinical skills early) and Rural Week (where you go out into rural Nova Scotia for a week to shadow a doctor at the end of 1st year). They also have early clinical exposure -- you shadow a doctor in clinic/hospital on the first day of medical school and have the opportunity to do clinical electives and deliver babies in your first year.  Dal also has a strong research component to their curriculum -- every student does a research project and will present/publish their results. If any of those things interest you, I would mention that. The maritimes are a great place to go to school -- Halifax is beautiful and affordable, and the people are really nice. If you have family connections or are interesting in saying in Halifax longer term, definitely mention that in your essay.
    Interviews typically take place in late November, with notification of success in mid-March (or April if there's a global pandemic). 
    Best of luck.
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    boggie111 reacted to MedHopeful93 in Mcmaster vs Dalhousie   
    In this climate, I would personally be nervous about attending a 3 year program.  COVID will likely be yesterday's news by the time you're in clerkship (which is where it matters most) but given that you have only 1.5 years to do any sort of clinical immersion, your pre-clerkship years may be limited in terms of opportunity for pre-clerkship elective/ hospital exposure.  Something to think about at least! 
    As for the "reputation" comment, it's important to consider why that matters.  Dal grads have excellent match rates, and ample opportunity for research, electives, etc.  We have all major specialties, fewer learners, and lots of eager mentors which means opportunities are easy to come by and help with matching etc.  Unless you are super keen on exploring a highly specialized subspecialty, (or like some said, impress your friends) I can't think of why Dal being a smaller or less internationally-known school would be a disadvantage in any way.  
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    boggie111 reacted to Anaik in Mcmaster vs Dalhousie   
    I encourage you both to take the time to look into the CMAs data on CARMS throughout the years. 

    I also encourage you to talk to people from both programs, you’ll find both schools will give you adequate exposure to any field you want. For example, I know at dal you can set up shadowing outside of electives in any specialty no problem. I imagine Mac has something similar. The “less opportunity” at dal is not actually a disadvantage if you factor in the fact that there are less students, and there’s a good chance you may be the only student in your year spending time under a preceptor.
    It should all come down to the environment you want to be in and which program suits you best. The school won’t make you a better physician, but the effort you put in will.
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    boggie111 reacted to FrankTheTank in Mcmaster vs Dalhousie   
    As a current Dal student, I would have to respectfully disagree. While Dal may be less internationally known than UofT or McGill, I'd argue that reputation means next to nothing for Canadian med schools outside of "impressing" your family and friends. Dal has a very comparable match rate to the rest of the schools in the country, and consistently matches to competitive specialties across the country.
    I'd also argue that we likely have more opportunities than bigger schools. Although Dal may not have as many super specialized physicians, they have residency spots in almost every discipline. We start half day/week electives (that we can choose ourselves) in first semester of first year to help us explore different specialties. With a smaller class size, you also don't need to worry about fighting as much over limited learning opportunities. Although you may not have the opportunity to network with as many physicians, you're able to build stronger relationships with the ones you do work with since you'll be spending more time with them.
    OP, I think really it comes down to length of program vs support system and which you value more. I'm sure you'll fair well at either school! Although not an OOP, the ones in my class and the one below me speak very highly of their choice to come to Dal.
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    boggie111 got a reaction from summergirl25 in Mcmaster vs Dalhousie   
    PGY 1 at Western here. While I can't comment on Mac specifically, I went to Dal as OOP and it was the best 4 years of my life. The friends, connections, and memories I've built in that beautiful province will last a lifetime. Of course I am biased, but I would highly recommend going to Dalhousie. It should not negatively impact your chances of coming back to Ontario for residency, but that being said I would have been more than happy to do my residency at Dal. 
    Good luck!
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    boggie111 got a reaction from isome in Acceptance letter release date?   
    PGY 1 here, accepted in 2015 as OOP with score of ~ 74. I know that this was 5 years ago, but there is definitely hope!
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    boggie111 reacted to Bambi in Advice for an incoming 1st year medical student   
    Volunteering, leadership, research are all unimportant on your way to matching. In my view, being a gunner too is not helpful! What is helpful is not working during summers, enjoy yourself as these are the lastcsummers corvyouvto enjoy until retirement.
    in clerkship, have an open mind, be adaptable, don’t look at the gunners and get scared, just be a hard worker, enthusiastic, work hard and be collaborative and likeable. Being a “good fit” is by far the most important attribute in being selected for a competitive field. 
    My two cents that served me well. Good luck! (Edict and I are both surgical residents)
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    boggie111 reacted to drager in Supplemental Form Activities - Word Limit   
    500 characters
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    boggie111 got a reaction from drager in Supplemental Form Activities - Word Limit   
    When I was applying I think it was something like 500 characters. You're gonna get an error if you enter text longer than a certain amount of words/characters, so I would just enter a lot of text, save it and it'll tell you what the limit is in the error message...that's how I found it.
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    boggie111 got a reaction from MD_endgame in Submit Same OOP essay?   
    I would probably change it slightly just to be safe - update it with things you learned from having applied one cycle and having gone to interview.
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    boggie111 reacted to MDancer in OOP with zero Maritime connection   
    Hi, I'm applying as an OOP as well so I completely understand where you're coming from, I think why it's difficult to find any answers on here about this essay is because people really don't know what a good or compelling connection is, myself included. 
    For my essay, I sat down for a looong time, really thinking hard about why I want to apply to Dal, and I would encourage you to do the same! If you have absolutely no physical or personal connections, look at their mission, their curriculum, what distinguishes dal from other medical schools, think about what compels you to want to practice in the maritimes, have you worked with underserved populations before or do you at least know about the concerns in the area?
    And this is my personal opinion, but even if you do have familial or personal connections; it really has to be relevant. For example, I don't think an applicant who has an uncle living in NS but never talk to him or visits will have anymore advantage over an applicant who has never visited and has no family connections, it really depends how you talk about your connections.
    Lastly, I think it would be important to be honest, and genuine about your motivations; the admissions committee has read so many of these essays they can probably call BS within reading the first three sentences. 
    Although the odds are stacked against us, I hope this helps at least a little, I believe in us!!! 
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    boggie111 reacted to PulsusParadoxus in Place of Residence Technicalities   
    Honestly, your absolute best bet is to contact Admissions and get a ruling from them on this. 
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    boggie111 got a reaction from Frederick Sanger in OOP with zero Maritime connection   
    I strongly agree with the above post, especially since I was an OOP student. 
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    boggie111 reacted to Prettyfunguy in Am I too old for medical school   
    I will be 24 turning 25 in November, is that too old for Dalhousie medical school?
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    boggie111 reacted to lurker25 in Am I too old for medical school   
    Is this a troll post? 
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    boggie111 got a reaction from Nirvanesthesia in Submitted vs Accepted vs Published Research   
    I just did CaRMS this year and Publications had a few drop down menus, which included (but not limited to) abstract, poster, article, conference. The only formal way to identify whether a publication has been submitted/accepted vs published is by filling out the field "Publication web link". I was in this situation and for my submitted publication I just didn't fill out the publication web link. 
    As to whether 4 submitted vs 1 published project have a difference in weighting is anyone's guess. Each program of each school will place different value on different things. Really can't answer this question other than to say published projects **probably** have more weight!
    Good luck!
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    boggie111 reacted to MashedPotato in Accepting/Receiving Multiple Admissions Offers   
    Thank you so much for the clarification. 
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    boggie111 reacted to Bambi in Lecturing/prof during M1   
    My advice to you, for what it is worth, on a K.I.S.S. basis (Keep It Simple Stupid) is to focus on what you come for. Stick to Med school only, don’t bite off more than you can chew. I wouldn’t do it. 
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