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    boggie111 got a reaction from molars in Supplemental Question   
    If you absolutely have no Maritime connection I'd suggest that you do heavy research on the program and write about what appeals to you (e.g., curriculum and type of learning, research opportunities, clinical exposure, etc.).
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    boggie111 got a reaction from Turk in Is This A Good Maritime Connection?   
    I think it's hard to gauge how "strong" or "weak" a maritime connection is. When I had to write the essay, my assumption was that the point of the question was to get you to think about your maritime experience(s) and about how those experiences influenced your decision to apply to Dalhousie Medical School. 
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    boggie111 reacted to gupbpup in Earliest We Would Hear Back For Waitlisted Applicants   
    I was accepted off of the OOP waitlist yesterday
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    boggie111 got a reaction from yesmedyes in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    Accepted off the OOP waitlist!!!
    GPA: 3.8/4.0
    MCAT: 34 (13,10,11)
    ECs: varied; some include shadowing cardiologist, 1 year hospice volunteering, lots of research during grad and undergrad (3 pubs), been working in the medical device industry as an engineer for the last 3 years
    Interview: Read Doing Right and used HC websites such as White Coat Black Art and Healthy Debates to prep. Answered a lot of sample personal and healthcare questions but didn't really practice with anyone. Interview felt good.
    Note: my Dal score was 74.89.
    Good luck to remaining waitlisted applicants!!
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    boggie111 got a reaction from nsgirl13 in Earliest We Would Hear Back For Waitlisted Applicants   
    No idea but also wondering. It all depends on when people start dropping off of the wait-list. I think Ontario schools give you about a week to accept the offer? So the top wait-list people will hear back at least a week after May 12th.
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    boggie111 reacted to medhopeful2015 in Uoft Interview Discussion 2015   
    Has anyone else heard yet? I am still waiting
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    boggie111 reacted to marauder4life in Uoft Interview Discussion 2015   
    Is it just me or is this weekend going by really slow?? Waiting anxiously for the "early next week" when rest of the invitations go out! Good luck to those still waiting to hear back!
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    boggie111 reacted to ns31 in Volunteer Experience- Medically Related!   
    Did you do this is Halifax? I inquired about hospice volunteering last year but didn't have any luck finding anything.
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